Kabir Bedi Recalls How Salman Khan's Newfound Stardom Pushed Him & Sunil Dutt In The Background
Salman Khan’s Newfound Stardom Pushed Sunil Dutt & Kabir Bedi To Background, Reveals The Veteran Actor ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikipedia )

Salman Khan is the superstar in Bollywood. He enjoys massive fan following not only in India but also overseas. Now veteran actor Kabir Bedi now reveals how Khan’s new found stardom in early 90’s pushed him and Sunil Dutt in the background. Scroll down to know more.


The veteran actor was seen promoting his recently-released autobiography Stories I Must Tell, wherein a fan drew comparison between his life and Sunil Dutt’s. The fan particularly compared the way their sons had gone through troubled times. However, the veteran actor chose to share a fun story about Sunil and himself, which included the superstar.


Kabir Bedi at the Times LitFest, recalled that he and Sunil were asked to be part of a movie named Kurbaan wherein the two were supposed to play the two leads in a village. As reported by Times of India, he said, “When I came to Bombay, I went to meet him and told him ‘Dutt saab, today my childhood dream has been fulfilled having met you’. And then a producer came to me and said, they’ve got a film called ‘Kurbaan’, where Dutt saab and I had to play two giants in a village and they were going to have a clash. And it would be a fantastic clash of titans.”

The film’s producer also wanted a young actor to play a small role and an actress to add some songs to the film. The veteran actor said, “I’d heard Salim Khan’s son Salman Khan had started acting and he was garnering quite the reputation. So that’s how they signed Salman and he had just started his career.”

Kabir Bedi further said, “Bollywood films in those days particularly were shot in a sort of installment plan. You know, they’d shoot a few days every month and it would keep going on. It used to take about two years to make a film and while the shooting for ‘Kurbaan’ was going on, four of Salman’s films released and became superhits. Immediately, the scenes in our film were converted into a love story, and Dutt saab and I became the background music.”

However, there is no bad blood between the veteran actors and Salman Khan.

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