Mallika Sherawat Recalls Jackie Chan Calling Her His 'Arm Candy' & Asking Her To Be Confident While Walking With Him At Cannes Film Festival
Mallika Sherawat Opens Up About Her Experience In Cannes Film Festival & How Jackie Chan Helped Her Gain Confidence (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat who is known for her mind-boggling roles in movies like Welcome, Double Dhamaal, Murder was recently seen in an interview where she spoke on various things in her life.

The Murder actress was last seen in Cannes 2019 where she was cast by Jackie Chan and had dazzled the fans on the red carpet with her confidence and fashion style.



Recently in an interview with BollywoodLife, when interviewer Russel D’ Silva asked Mallika Sherawat about the hurdles she has faced during Cannes and how she mustered the confidence to face them, she said: I think that confidence came first from Jackie Chan because he was the one who cast me into the festival, Mujhe pata he nahi tha kya hai Cannes Film Festival. He said that you need to be very confident, that you know you are with me, you are my arm candy and like was not modest like he said you will be walking with me so you have to confident.”

Mallika Sherawat also added, “I didn’t have confidence in my struggling days. There used to be 100 women standing in line for the audition and each of them used to be beautiful and talented, so when you topple that and get a few roles like that confidence starts to build up.”

When the actress was asked about how she felt about the tag of being the s*x symbol in movies and if she still felt being associated with that tag, the actress said: “I am indifferent to it, really indifferent to it, because, like what is a tag, It’s just a label, Just a f***ing label.”

Talking about fitness, Mallika Sherawat spoke of how it is important to have a healthy lifestyle. “I am a vegan, so I don’t eat dairy products, I don’t eat meat, no egg, no chicken,” she said. She also added, “Yoga, fitness, sleeping on time, it’s all a millage of a few things and not just one thing. Sleeping early and not smoking, these things make a huge difference.”

When the actress was asked about her future plans and her absence in Bollywood, she said, “I am just on a film with Rajat Kapoor where I am the lead role. It is called RK/RKAY, and I will be playing the role of Gulaboo. The movie will be released as soon as the theatres open.”

Talking about her absence she said, “I took a break because there were no roles coming my way. Now that I am getting good roles here I am back here again.”

The actress also shared her views about society and how it has come around to open up about adultery. “At that time in the past, the society was not evolved, and with OTT, the internet, society has evolved, that thinking has evolved. I am very happy that society now does not judge addressed on adult scenes in the movie,” she said. The Welcome actress also added, “I think OTT has become a game changer and now the writers have started making roles that challenge the societal norms.”

When the actress was asked if the workplace for women was safe in the industry, she said, “Absolutely!! It has become a lot safer after me too movement because now people with evil intentions have to think 10 times before they do it to the women. Me too movement has provided women with a voice and the confidence to speak up.”

Mallika Sherawat will be seen in the movie RK/RKAY along with Rajat Kapoor, Ranvir Shorey, and many more. Also directed by Rajat Kapoor the movie will be released on the big screens soon.

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