Salman Khan Once Confessed About Getting Beaten Up By Dad Salim Khan For Burning His Entire Salary While Their Family Struggled For Food
Salman Khan Confessed To Getting Beaten Up By Salim Khan After Setting His Entire Monthly Salary On Fire (Photo Credit: Wikimedia; YouTube)

Salman Khan enjoys a stardom people rarely get. He has earned it through relentless work, making mistakes and accepting them, going public with his faults and correcting them, and most importantly, being a dedicated son, and brother, always standing like a rock for his family. The superstar enjoys a net worth of millions, but would you believe that there was a time when his family struggled for bread and bun and had to eat breakfast at a relative’s place?

Salman in one of his interviews from the early days, recalled the time his family was going through probably the most challenging time. But he was too young to understand the importance of money and how people have to struggle to meet the finances.

In his interview with Filmfare, the actor recalled how they would go to an Uncle’s place for breakfast and have ginger tea and currant buns. Those early morning trips were done while his father, Salim Khan, had no money. He said, “Dad wasn’t doing too well then. We had to brush our teeth and rush over to Uncle Goudinho’s house for breakfast… I knew there was no money.”

However, the Tiger actor also remembered how his naughtiness was often a disaster and he was beaten a lot by Salim Khan. “But I was a kid, a naughty sort who even burnt up dad’s entire month’s salary. I set a match to seven hundred rupee notes. It was a stupid thing to do… I don’t blame dad for hitting me, for beating the daylights out of me,” the actor recalled.

Salman Khan narrated one more incident where he had to face Salim Khan’s anger despite a fracture. He told the interviewer in this old interview from the 90s that there was a time when he returned from a circus show. He tried to somersault like the trapeze artist he had seen. The result was a fractured right arm. His Dad threw a fit… again… understandably.

But did it affect Salman Khan’s relationship with Salim Khan, and did he become hostile and bitter? The actor responded, “No, I respect dad. He’s the only one I’ve looked up to. But I’m closer to mom. I can talk to her about anything. I couldn’t tell dad that I’d banged up the car or failed in my school exams but I could tell mom.”

Salman Khan and Salim Khan today share a great relationship. The doting father often suggests his son changes in his films and he was the one who told Tubelight might fire back since it is not a happy film and should not be released on Eid!

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