When Rekha Had Become A National Vamp After The Death Of Her Husband Mukesh Aggarwal
When Rekha Was Considered The Reason Behind Her Husband Mukesh Aggarwal’s Death ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia )

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death had raised many questions which are yet to be answered, many mysteries that are yet to be solved. It also put Rhea Chakraborty, his ex-girlfriend, under a lot of trouble. The Jalebi actress’ media trial has reminded us about a similar incident from the past when legendary actor Rekha’s husband Mukesh Aggarwal passed away due to suicide in 1990.

It is said that even the Silsila actress was put on media trial and was treated the same way as Rhea is being treated now after SSR’s death. An excerpt from the actress’ biography reveals how she was blamed for the suicide of her husband. She was called a witch by her in-laws and even disregarded by her Bollywood colleagues. Subhash Ghai called Rekha a “blot” in the film industry, and shockingly, Anupam Kher called her a “National Vamp”. Keep scrolling further to know more.

Rekha’s husband, Mukesh Aggarwal, hanged himself to the ceiling fan of his room with his wife’s dupatta on October 2, 1990. Later what the actress had to face a tale of pain and suffering. People all across the country started hating her and shaming her as a cold-hearted man-eater.

In fact, the actress’ mother-in-law accused her of killing her son. She said, “Woh daayan mere bete ko kha gayi. Bhagwan use kabhi maaf nahi karega.” Mukesh Aggarwal’s brother Anil Gupta said, “My brother loved Rekha truly. For him, love was a do or die attempt. He could not tolerate what she was doing to him. Now, what does she want? Does she want our money?”

The worst was when the actress’ colleagues from the industry started speaking against her. Subhash Ghai said “Rekha has put such a blot on the face of the film industry that it’ll be difficult to wash it away easily. I think after this, any respectable family will think twice before accepting any actress as their bahoo. It’’s going to be tough, even professionally, for her. No conscientious director will work with her ever again. How will the audience accept her as Bharat ki nari or insaf ki devi?”

On the other hand, Anupam Kher said, “Rekha has become the national vamp. Professionally and personally, I think it’s curtains for her. I mean I don’t know how will I react to her if I come face to face with her.”

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