When Naseeruddin Shah Commented On Salman Khan Movies
When Naseeruddin Shah Took A Dig At Salman Khan Films ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikimedia )

Naseeruddin Shah is a well-known actor in our Bollywood industry. He has been a part of some of the most popular films and enjoys a massive fan following. But, there is also a Salman Khan in our industry who holds no comparison to the veteran actor and has a different class of people following him. But, undoubtedly, Khan is one of the top-most actors of our times. But do you know there was a time when Shah openly said that he did not want the audience to watch only Khan films?

Naseer Ji did not want the audience to look back at 2018 as the phase of only one kind of cinema. The veteran actor said cinema is for posterity, and hence he takes it as his responsibility to do as many socially relevant films as possible.



According to reports in PTI, Naseeruddin Shah had said, “I feel that cinema can’t change society or bring a revolution. I’m also not sure of cinema as a medium of education. Documentaries can be educative, not feature films. People see them and forget. The only serious function films can serve is to act as a record of their times.”

“I consider it my responsibility to take part in such films. All my serious works are representative of their times. Cinema will survive. These films would be seen 200 years later. People should know what the India of 2018 was like. They shouldn’t end up seeing only Salman Khan films 200 years later. India is not like that. Cinema is for posterity,” Naseeruddin Shah adds.

For this reason, the veteran actor chose to work in films like A Wednesday, which is still touted to be one of the best films of our Bollywood industry.

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