When Karisma Kapoor Filed A Dowry & Harassment Case On Ex-Husband Sunjay Kapoor Alleging She Was Auctioned By Him To His Friends On Their Honeymoon
When Karisma Kapoor Shared Horrifying Details Of Her Marriage With Ex-Husband Sunjay Kapoor Who Auctioned & ‘Quoted’ Her Price To One Of His Friends (Picture Credit: Instagram & Wikimedia)

Karisma Kapoor and her ex-husband Sunjay Kapoor were recently spotted on a dinner outing and the actress was brutally trolled. It also opened the pandora box and transported everyone to the time when she shared horrific details about her married life with Sunjay Kapoor. Karisma and Sunjay have two kids, Samaira and Kiaan who live with the actress in Mumbai.

Karisma and Sunjay filed for divorce in 2014 which was followed by a public feud rather mudslinging to be precise. While Sanjay claimed that Karisma married her for money the actress filed a dowry & harassment case against her in-laws revealing some bone-chilling details about her tumultuous marriage.



In her petition, Karisma Kapoor revealed, “Sanjay had a physical relationship with another woman. Not only this, but both also were in a live-in relationship as well. She also said that during their honeymoon, not only did Sanjay call out bids on her but also forced her to spend the night with his friends!”

Karisma Kapoor in her divorce petition revealed as quoted by The Tribune, “[Sunjay] tried to force her to sleep with his friends. And when she refused, he beat her up and even put a price tag on her, to auction to one of his friends. Karisma also alleged that Sanjay refused to follow up on his financial commitments, to which Sunjay argued that Karisma only married him for his money.”

The couple had exchanged vows in 2003 in a grand wedding and called it quits with the ugly divorce. Sunjay even lost custody of his two kids. During the same time, Karisma Kapoor’s father Randhir Kapoor had confessed in an interview that he never found the man suitable for his daughter. In an interview with HT, he revealed, “Everyone knows our ­credentials. We are Kapoors. We don’t need to run after anyone’s money. We have been blessed with not only money, but our talent can support us for the rest of our lives. Sunjay is a third-class man. I never wanted Karisma to marry him. He has debauchery in his ­system and never cared for his wife. He has been giving bullsh*t to her, and living with another woman. The entire Delhi knows how he is. I would not like to say anything more than this.”

Sunjay Kapoor is now married to Priya Sachdev while Karisma Kapoor will soon back on screen with Murder Mubarak also starring Vijay Varma, Dimple Kapadia and Sara Ali Khan.

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