Did You Know? Manmohan Desai Once Called Kader Khan 'Ullu Ke Patte'?
When Kader Khan Lip Read Manmohan Desai & Asked He Said Bad Things About Me?(Pic Credit: Wikipedia, IMDb)

It has been nearly three years since veteran Bollywood actor-director-writer-comedian Kader Khan left for heavenly abode. But his performance with Govinda still remains fresh in every Bollywood fanatic. Today we will reveal an interesting anecdote from his life.

Khan’s collaboration with Govinda’s rib crackling comedy is well remembered but he penned crackling dialogues for several films. His association filmmaker Manmohan Desai churned out films like Amar Akbar Anthony, Roti, Parvarish, and Yeh Hai Jalwa. While we previously revealed how the two began working together, today we reveal to you that the legendary filmmaker called Khan ‘ullu ke patte’ during the first meeting



During a conversation with Rediff.com, Kader Khan revealed that wrote dialogues for Roti and went to Manmohan Desai’s house as he had said. Recalling the incident, he said, “He was playing cricket with the kids from his area which he did every day. He saw me from afar and murmured something. I went up to him and asked why he said bad things about me. He said, “I did not.” I told him, “Sir, I know how to lip read; didn’t you just say ullu ke patte ko samjhme nahi aaya phir aagaya poochne ke liye?” He used this scene in Naseeb, where the heroine lip reads what the villains are saying through binoculars.”

The late actor-writer also spoke about his tiff with Amitabh Bachchan. The two have worked together in several films and were even shared a friendly relationship. However, things changed soon. Talking about it he said, “My association with Amitabh Bachchan started with Khoon Pasina and Manmohan Desai’s Parvarish. We still speak on the phone once in a while. But, in between, our relations had soured. I don’t want to say much about why that happened.”

Kader Khan advised Big B not to enter politics but the megastar entered politics anyway. “After he renounced politics, his behaviour changed. I always called him Amit, but, one day, when I called him Amit, it did not go down well with him. One of the producers from the south asked me, “Aap sirji ko mila?” I asked “Kaun sirji?” He was shocked and said, “Sirji tumko nahi maloom? Amitabh Bachchan.”

Khan then said, “I told him, “I call him Amit, he is a friend.” To which, he said, “Nahi. Aap usse hamesha sirji bolna, Amit nahi bolna abhi, he is a big man. Amitabh was approaching us and he thought like all the others I would call him ‘Sirji’, which I did not. From that day, I never called out to him and he never spoke to me. After that, I went south to do films and mostly wrote the dialogues of the south remakes that Jeetendra did.”

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