Govinda once said why he’ll Do Anything For Sohail Khan & Salman Khan
when Govinda credited Sohail Khan & Salman Khan for helping him make a comeback in Bollywood ( Photo Credit – Instagram’s )

Over the years, Govinda has been a favourite star for many as his acting and dancing skills are the most unique among all the actors. After giving major hits, there was a time when he was part of a large number of unsuccessful films. However after he worked as a parallel lead with Salman Khan in Partner, the film proved to be the turning point of his career. In an interview, the actor had said why he’ll do anything for the Khans and how they helped him when he was out of work.

In 2004, the actor became the Member of Parliament but he remained inactive, due to this, he was criticised. After working in Priyadarshan’s Bhagam Bhag and David Dhawan’s film, in 2008, he decided to leave politics and focus on his Bollywood career.



In an interview with IANS in 2007, Govinda thanked Salman Khan as he offered him Partner when he wasn’t getting so much work. He even revealed how Sohail Khan indirectly offered him another film right after the 2007 comedy movie.

Govinda said, “After Partner, I’ve been indirectly offered another film by Sohail. Suniel Shetty’s secretary George told me about it. I don’t know what the project is, and I don’t care. I’d do anything for the Khans blindly.”

“When I was down and out they could’ve given me any role, I’d have happily accepted. They instead gave me a parallel role to Salman in Partner,” he added.

Interestingly, Govinda was so touched by Salman Khan and Sohail Khan’s gestures that he worked without getting paid for the David Dhawan directorial, he shared, “I refused to accept any money for Partner although they kept insisting. I won’t accept any money for this new project either. Does one talk about money with the people who have embraced you as a brother?

“Sohail and Salman are largely responsible for my second innings. When I didn’t take any money for Partner, Sohail drove a Mercedes into my residence and gifted the key to my wife. Who does these things in this industry?”

“Yes, it’s an emotional decision. What’s wrong with being emotional? I wish I had met more people like Salman and Sohail earlier in my career,” Govinda concluded.

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