Emraan Hashmi Once Talked About How His Wife Reacts To His Onscreen Intimate Scenes!
Emraan Hashmi ‘The Serial Kisser Of Bollywood’ Once Revealed His Wife Had Dug Her Nails On Him On Seeing An Intimate Scene! ( Photo Credit – Movie Still )

Emraan Hashmi over the years of his career has carved his own niche in Bollywood and created a genre of his own. He has been very famous for his onscreen intimate scenes with his heroines and has been even termed as ‘the serial kisser of Bollywood’. Even though Emraan has been very efficient at keeping his personal and private life separate, do you know how his wife Parveen Shahani reacts on seeing his intimate scenes? Scroll below to read ahead.

Emraan generally doesn’t talk about his wife or son much with the media but once in this throwback chat session with Karan Johar, the Raaz 2 actor had opened up about his wife’s reaction towards his onscreen steamy scenes.

When Emraan Hashmi appeared on Karan Johar‘s chat show, Koffee With Karan in 2014, the actor mentioned how his wife Parveen Shahani who had no idea about the scenes in Murder reacted to those. He had said, “In the first seat my wife is digging her nails into my hand like ‘what the hell have you done and you haven’t prepared me for this and what are you doing because this is not Bollywood’. When the hands came off, there were four jabs… I was injured…I was bleeding.”

Going further in the conversation, Emraan Hashmi shared that even though his wife hasn’t accepted this part of his job, they have reached a common ground. He said, “Right now there is a deal that we have…The deal is I take her shopping and she probably swipes the card close to seven-digit numbers.”

Haha! So cute!

Earlier in a 2012 interview with Hindustan Times, Emraan Hashmi revealed that he doesn’t discuss scenes with his wife but generally shares with her the films he is doing. He had said, “I don’t tell her about the scenes. I do tell her about the films I’m doing. She doesn’t hear about it in detail. She is a film buff but she is not struck by glamour. She has her own life. She might have issues but she understands that it’s my professional requirement. She is non-interfering.”

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