When Amrita Singh Was Hurt After Knowing About Sunny Deol's Secret Wedding With Pooja That She Called Her Fling With The Actor A Publicity Stunt
When Amrita Singh Was So Shocked After Discovering Sunny Deol’s Secret Wedding, She Called Her Affair With Him A Publicity Stunt (Picture Credit: Betaab Still)

Bollywood from the 80s and before was a very secretive place to be in. There were rumours, affairs, blinds, secret weddings, extra marital affairs and all of them amounted to the gossip culture which still prevails. Also, there were people calling out each other after getting hurt, replaced, cheated, or rejected. So once such calling out was by Saif Ali Khan’s former wife Amrita Singh who blasted Sunny Deol for having a secret affair with Dimple Kapadia despite having a secret wedding in England with a girl called Pooja.

But since it is a very long story, which ended abruptly and rather secretly, we will take one step at a time. It all started with Sunny Deol’s debut film Betaab which co-starred Amrita Singh, who was also making her debut with the film. As generally happens, the two got attracted to each other and an affair started. However, both their mothers did not approve of this relationship.

While Sunny Deol’s mother Prakash Kaur considered Amrita to be a strong-headed woman, not ideal for her family, Amrita’s mother who was a respected and influential politician did not want her daughter to fall for an actor. While the actors were shooting for Betaab, Sunny made frequent trips to England. Later that year, a magazine leaked pictures of his secret wedding with Pooja Deol, a girl from a business family in England. However, Deols never wanted the news to leak as Sunny was starting his career. He even denied getting married to anyone but Amrita Singh made her distance from the family. She later dismissed the rumours of being in a relationship with the Damini actor and called all the stories a publicity stunt for Betaab!

Later, there were rumours of Sunny Deol being in a relationship with Dimple Kapadia, his co-actor for five films. Though they kept their relationship extremely guarded they were rumoured to be married at one point in time. Amrita Singh was once asked in an interview to comment on this relationship. She replied as quoted by Yahoo, “I think she’s having her cake and eating it too. She’s got nothing to lose, and most importantly, she’s got her guy where she wants him. So what if it’s not heading anywhere? When you’ve already lived a life, you are happy with a relationship that’s at status quo.”

While Amrita Singh moved on in life with Saif Ali Khan later, Dimple Kapadia and Sunny Deol have been rumoured to be extremely close and guarded about their relationship to date. A few years ago, their picture holding hands was leaked on the internet and all hell broke loose. There are many bizarre rumours attached to them and they have always been a topic of discussion.

Some of the discussions and weird statements even claim that the Gadar actor is so close to the Kapadias that the siblings Twinkle Khanna and Rinkie Khanna used to address him as ‘Chhote Papa’. Some comments on Reddit even addressed how Sunny and Pooja’s wedding was never ideal and they maintained a cordial relationship with their kids. “Well, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. Perhaps Pooja wanted to leave but the Deols said no. Perhaps he wanted to leave but was shot down by her. Perhaps they tried to make the best of the situation for their kids. We will never know.”, an argument on a Reddit thread read.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen the much-talked-about picture, you can see it here and read some bizarre gossip theories which may or may not be true.

Sunny Deol’s wedding pic
by u/devpatel2 in BollyBlindsNGossip

The only takeaway from these weird statements can be one thing – It is a strange strange world for sure!

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