When Amjad Khan Spoke About His Weight Gain
When Amjad Khan Revealed The Reasons Behind His Weight Gain(Pic credit – Amazon / Instagram )

What we saw on the screen, Amjad Khan was much more than that as an actor. Most of us remember him as ferocious Gabbar Singh of Sholay, but he displayed his versatility by opting for different kinds of characters which are highly underrated. But today, we’ll be not talking about his film journey or achievements, rather take a sneak peek of his personal life.

It’s 80th birth anniversary of late Bollywood star and what would be a better occasion than this to revisit his personal life. In the early phase of the career, Amjad was physically fit but over a period of time, he put on a considerable amount of weight and yes, it did have an impact on his roles.



Very few to none would be aware of the actual reason behind Amjad Khan‘s weight gain. It traces to an old interview of 1987, in which the star himself revealed the real reason for his weight increase. As per the video of ITMB archives, Amjad was asked, why doesn’t he loses some of his weight? To which actor replied by sharing how active his lifestyle was before meeting with an accident.

Amjad Khan added that after an accident, he was lying on a bed for around 3 months and was advised of staying away from workouts for 3 years. After recovering and getting back to normal, he again suffered a leg injury. Post leg injury, in 1984, Amjad suffered from Bell’s Palsy due to which he was kept on steroids for 2-3 months and was prohibited from doing workouts. This entire series of events led to the weight gain of the Sholay actor. And since then, he kept on adding extra pounds.

We’re sure, very few would have heard about this story of the late actor. Watch it yourself below.

Meanwhile, in of our Fact-O-Meter articles dedicated to the late actor, we enlightened you of the fact that the ruthless looking Amjad was very nervous and it took as many as 40 retakes to shoot “Kitney aadmi the?” dialogue and overall scene.

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