When Aamir Khan Allegedly Used His Influence On Yash Chopra To Get Divya Bharti Replaced In ‘Darr’ With Juhi Chawla, But Later Got Removed By Shah Rukh Khan
When Aamir Khan Allegedly Used His Influence On Yash Chopra To Get Divya Bharti Replaced In ‘Darr’ With Juhi Chawla (Picture Credit: IMDB)

The sudden demise of Divya Bharti at the young age of 19 left Bollywood and the nation reeling with shock. Between 1990 and 1993, she worked with many of the A-list actors who dominated the industry in the 90s. However, there was one actor whom Divya never had the opportunity to share the screen with – the renowned Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan. Let us take you back in time and tell the story of how Aamir repeatedly declined to work with Divya.

Their discord began in 1992 when Divya criticized Aamir after he refused to perform alongside her during a London tour. Although Divya’s mistake during a live show was barely noticeable, it didn’t escape Aamir’s discerning eye. Consequently, Aamir chose Juhi Chawla to perform with him instead, even backing out of the medley that was supposed to include Divya. This rejection shocked Divya, and she couldn’t hold her tears back. However, Salman Khan came to her rescue and agreed to perform with her. Following this incident, relations between Divya and Aamir deteriorated.

In regards to the 1993 film Darr, Divya had initially been cast opposite Sunny Deol in the role of Kiran Awasthi. Rumors circulated that Divya was ousted from the film due to conflicts with the director and producer, Yash Chopra. However, Divya’s mother unveiled the truth in an old interview, revealing that it was actually Aamir who pressured Juhi Chawla’s inclusion, ultimately leading to Divya’s replacement.

As Divya’s mother shared this startling revelation as quoted by Pinkvilla: “Many people believe that Divya lost Darr because she had issues with Yash Chopra, but that wasn’t the case. When Sunny was signed, he wanted Divya as his co-star. However, Aamir insisted on Juhi Chawla. Unfortunately, at the time, we were in America for some shows. Before we left, the announcement for Darr had Sunny, Divya, and Aamir. But when we returned, it was Sunny, Juhi, and Aamir. It seemed that Aamir, who was also working with Yash Chopra in Parampara, influenced the decision to drop Divya and bring in Juhi. Subsequently, Aamir was replaced, and Shah Rukh Khan was cast.”

The tale of Aamir Khan’s repeated refusals to work with Divya Bharti sheds light on their tensions during their time in the industry. Their missed collaborations serve as a reminder of the potential cinematic magic that could have unfolded on the silver screen had circumstances been different.

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