Vidyut Jammwal Busts The Myth Of 'Fixed Training Time'
Vidyut Jammwal Explains Proper Push-Up (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Vidyut Jammwal is a fitness freak and there’s no ounce of a doubt about it! He is one of those rare actors who love performing their stunts (especially, deadly ones), on their own. But to be more honest, we all are in love with his enthusiasm for fitness, which isn’t just about showing off. He loves educating fans with proper facts.

Last year, as the entire world came to a standstill due to the lockdown, fans were interested in knowing how Vidyut is managing to be super fit. So, on public demand, the actor shared an interesting video related to push-up. It wasn’t a regular video but had a perfect breakdown of a single exercise. The points he explained are something that even many gym trainers won’t be aware of!

Push-up is one exercise that is enough to keep your entire body fit, and the most important thing, it doesn’t require any equipment. For the starters, Vidyut Jammwal explains that if you know how to perform a simple push-up, try at least three variations of it daily. Push-up works on the body’s pectoral muscle (chest), deltoids (shoulders), triceps and ‘wing’ part that comes under an armpit (serratus anterior).

If one has never ever done push-up in life, Vidyut Jammwal explains in detail by breaking down each muscle group and how to activate them. Have a look:

Not just workout’s explanation, we are thankful to him for breaking workout myths. We often hear from our parents about how beneficial a morning workout is. Unfortunately, the work culture has totally changed (especially during the pandemic) and one needs to work till late at night. It’s highly impossible to wake up at 4 am early in the morning. Also, there’s a lot of wrong stuff about the perfect timing of a workout.

Speaking on the same, Vidyut Jammwal explains, “I don’t feel you need to get up at 6 or 8 or 4 in the morning, I believe when you wake up, whatever time that is, get dressed, and train. It can be at 12 pm or 4 pm, but you have to train. So I personally don’t have a fixed schedule, the only thing fixed is that when I train, I train – and I train like a maniac.” (via Hindustan Times)

Now, that’s something we needed to rub off the excuse of not being a morning person!

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