Something Funny Yet ‘Unmentionable’ Connects Kajol & Twinkle Khanna Together – It Will Leave You Laughing
The ‘Unmentionable’ Connection That Kajol and Twinkle Khanna Share Is Extremely Funny!(Pic Credit: Instagram/kajol, twinklerkhanna)

Both Kajol and Twinkle Khanna are outspoken and unapologetic women celebrities of India. They vehemently talk about everything under the sun with a dash of humour and sarcasm. With Twinkle whipping her pen with relatable anecdotes on everyday issues of women in newspaper columns, Kajol, with sheer charm, expresses her views.


Although both of them have never shared screen space together, they still have a sweet camaraderie. And this was more than visible in a recent interaction they shared. Read on to know all about it.


Kajol appeared at Twinkle Khanna’s talk show, ‘The Icons’ and there they spoke about films and husbands. While chatting, they also found out they share a very weird commonality that transcends beyond films and their friend circle – as both are very good friends with Karan Johar. Can you guess what is the common thread that connects both Kajol and Twinkle?

Well, we could not stop laughing when we heard about it. Other than being raised by single moms and having the ability not to take themselves too seriously, Kajol and Twinkle Khanna also share the bond of having ‘voluptuous bottoms.’

In the interview clip, we see Twinkle saying, “We have a lot of things in common.” To this statement, Kajol gives a very candid reply, “No,” followed by giggles. Making sure the audience understands, Twinkle said, “What we are not mentioning is basically our voluptuous bottoms. Because I was just told to hide the cards, a mic and an entire laptop behind, and it’s really not that big!”

Even we could not help but laugh with Kajol hearing it. The Fanna actress, in a fit of laughter, replied, “I thought you weren’t supposed to say that.” This led to Twinkle simply stating that she does not care about such things anymore. Check out the video here:

The interview also saw the actresses talk about fashion, ageism, and their views on feminism. Both Twinkle and Kajol are opinionated women with strong demeanours.

Kajol unabashedly spoke about how till the age of 27 she did not care about her fashion choices but ultimately figured it out. “So, until 27, despite being opinionated about everything I wasn’t particular about my fashion choices. That’s when I decided to get it together. It definitely didn’t seem rocket science. It had more to do with learning to put together what I liked and what I didn’t. I’m learning that even clothes have a way of saying what you are. So I think I have an opinion, “ said Kajol. She was all about self-love by calling herself ‘sexy’, ‘classy’, and ‘beautiful’ by giving us a bit of shimmy-jimmy.

Kajol and Twinkle also drove the conversation towards their husbands, discussing how they manage the expenses. Twinkle expressed that she pays for the children’s education, while Kajol said that she takes care of most of the online expenses in her household. The interview had a personalized touch of just two women talking about their nuances of life with doses of humour.

The venue of the interview was special for Kajol as it was conducted in Maratha Mandir where the film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge has been screening for the last 25 years.

Well, we hope these two ladies appear together for more such talk shows.

What do you think about the interview? Tell us in the comments below!

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