Tum Bin Actor Reveals The Dark Side Of Bollywood, Was Provided A Room In Goa & Asked To Orchestrate An Affair
Tum Bin Actor Reveals The Dark Side Of Bollywood, Was Provided A Room In Goa ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Many come and many go in this glamorous industry, but those who have stayed have dark stories which they don’t want their fans to know. Right from facing the casting couch to being forced to make a relationship just to make headlines, some celebrities have done unthinkable things to reach where they are today. One such actor is Himanshu Malik, who has been away from all the glam-sham and limelight for quite some time.

Himanshu Malik’s claim to fame is one of the most loved romantic films Tum Bin which also starred Priyankshu Chatterjee, Sandali Sinha, Raqesh Bapat and Amrita Prakash in the lead roles.



Himanshu Malik has now donned the director’s hat and is currently in the news for his recently released film Chitrakut in 2018-19. During his recent interview, the Tum Bin star revealed that during his initial days he was asked to fake an affair in order to stay in the news. The actor revealed he got a call from a big magazine publication who said they will get him a room where he would go with an actress and they will bust him.

While speaking to Navbharat Times, Tum Bin actor Himanshu Malik revealed, “I got a glimpse of how the industry is soon after Tum Bin and it disturbed me a lot. That was a time when magazines used to be huge. So I got a call from one huge magazine publication, asking me to have an affair. ‘If you have an affair with an upcoming actress, it makes for a good story’, I was told.”

Himanshu Malik went on to add, “I was shocked to realise such a thing happens. I was told ‘Yes, no one becomes a star without the publicity. We will talk to one or two candidates, they will be as famous as you are. We will even get you a room in Goa. You just go there and we will expose.”

Shocking right?

Chitrakut in 2018-19 which is written and directed by Himanshu Malik stars Auritra Ghosh, Vibhore Mayank, Naina Trivedi, Kiran Srinivas, and Shruti Bapna in the key roles.

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