Tahira Kashyap Watches Shah Rukh Khan's Asoka, Makes Another Naughty Revelation!
Tahira Kashyap Watches Shah Rukh Khan’s Asoka, Makes Another Naughty Revelation! (Photo Credit: Instagram/Tahira Kashyap & imdb)

Ayushmann Khurrana’s wife and author Tahira Kashyap had recently launched her new book The 12 Commandments Of Being A Woman. Since then several fans and celebrities alike applauded her for her latest offering. Shah Rukh Khan had also praised her and shared his astonishment over discovering the fact that Tahira’s favourite make-out spot was in the cinemas while watching his films.

King Khan had said, “I’m not sure if I should be happy or offended that Tahira’s favourite make-out spot was in the cinema watching my movies. This wonderful book is full of many such gems that will make you laugh as much as I did.” Following his comments, Tahira shared a gratitude post, wherein she wrote, “Dear Shah Rukh Khan, your movies not only made me bunk college but also made me shift a couple of bases… ahem! Your onscreen romance translated to an off-screen one for me. Big thank you for that to begin with and for the day that I truly experienced your magnanimity at the TED talk when you didn’t judge me for my aspiration to be in Pam/Kim clan and today for having shared your kind words for my book! My heart is bouncing with joy! Big thank you once again.”



Now it seems, Tahira Kashyap has more to reveal about her naughty revelations. She recently revealed to Times Now Digital that she and her then-boyfriend Ayushmann Khurrana had watched Shah Rukh’s Asoka in theatre twelve times but saw the film only once.

During the interview, the author said, “So the first time, since both of us are SRK fans, we saw his film Asoka from scene to scene. The next 11 times, I don’t think we saw the film. We saw the film 12 times but we saw it only once. If you know what I mean.”

Tahira Kashyap has also revealed what her parents said about her new book The 12 Commandments Of Being A Woman. She said that her father has not moved past the second chapter while her mother has finished reading the book and has laughed her guts out.

She also revealed that her actor-husband Ayushmann Khurrana was initially sceptical about sharing personal moments with the world, but she was adamant. She said to the publication, “Most times he would laugh but sometimes, he would say are you sure you want to publish this – this detail, I thought this was only for the both of us. But I was like now it’s for the world, guess what you married a writer!”

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