When Sonam Kapoor Described The Meaning Of Nepotism, But Netizens Trolled Her Saying She Was Insulting Herself
When Sonam Kapoor Talked About Nepotism & Netizens Claimed That She Was Insulting Herself ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The never-ending debate on nepotism in Bollywood has become everyone’s favourite topic, and almost every celebrity has given their two cents on it. Sonam Kapoor had often voiced her opinion on the subject and stated that despite coming from a filmy background, she had worked up her way in the industry. However, it seems that most of the netizens do not see eye to eye on this. Scroll on to learn more.

Sonam is the daughter of Anil Kapoor and debuted in Bollywood with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya in 2007. Over the years, she has worked with most of the A-list actors in the industry, including Salman Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Farhan Akhtar, Rajkummar Rao, and Ayushmann Khurrana.

The actress often shares that top-notch directors do not cast her in their movies because of her background but her talent. But most of the netizens do not agree. In the past, Sonam Kapoor has been trolled for her acting and for not acknowledging her privileges in showbiz. An old video of the actress surfaced again on social media, where she explained the literal meaning of nepotism. She said, “If you actually understand the meaning of nepotism, it means getting a job through a relative or a friend that you don’t deserve. So, a lot of people are using it without looking at its meaning in a dictionary or Wikipedia. So, any smart person or someone with wisdom should get online and look for its meaning before bringing it up.”

Take A Look:

A YouTube channel called ShortsVille shared the clip from Sonam Kapoor’s old interview and the video now has more than 3.5K comments. Most of the netizens commented that while Khoobsurat actress was right about the definition, she was wrong about not implying it on herself. Here’s what they said –

One said, “She perfectly explained it. A second example is herself.”

A second user wrote, “She’s talking about smartness and wisdom, I fell off the sofa laughing.”

Third netizens said, “She just insulting herself so confidently..”

Another one mentioned, “This is one of the best acting in her whole career. She knows, but still she’s pretending”

While one said, “Though she’s damn serious but I find it hilarious. What a confidence to insult herself,” another added, “That is the confidence I have in viva when I don’t know the answer.”

A person wrote, “Tell me you’re getting insulted without telling me that you’re getting insulted”

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