Sona Mohapatra Compares Kangana Ranaut's Fans With Those Of Salman Khan For Abusing Her
Sona Mohapatra Compares Kangana Ranaut’s Fans With Those Of Salman Khan For Abusing Her(Pic credit – Instagram )

Just like Kangana Ranaut, Sona Mohapatra is known for speaking her mind. When it comes to something they think strongly about, they never mince their words and never hold back from speaking about it.

However recently, Sona and Kangana have found themselves against each other. The Ambarsariya singer criticised Panga actress for selective feminism. And later her comments on Kangana made Rangoli Chandel slam Sona on Instagram.

“Sona ji I don’t even know who you are and what you do, but I keep seeing you on Kangana’s Google page all the time commenting on everything that she says. Kangana loves responding to trolls who stimulate her intellectually or emotionally. What will she talk to you about? You have nothing to offer her, she can’t stand below average junk..@Sonamohapatra.” wrote Rangoli in her Instagram story.

Kangana Ranaut herself blocked Sona on the Twitter following which Sona tweeted, “Hahaha..the sister of the flag-bearer of the fight against what? Not nepotism for sure. My sisters don’t speak for me or troll for me, I have two. Also, Kangana might be impressing the mediocre with her messiah avatar, not me, surely not any basic intellect, forget intellectual.

She also tweeted, “Not so. Blocked me after seeing my 45 min interview with @BDUTT a couple of days ago. Barely spoke about her for 2 mins & only when pushed to. My issue’s with her? 1)Opportunistic feminism; name-calling. 2)Mis-using the star system to grab other people’s credits.”

All this invited a lot of bashing from Kangana Ranaut’s fans who sent some really mean tweets for Sona. Many of the tweets also involved abuses, threats and calling names. Sona Mohapatra was quick to respond to the bashing. As she shared the screenshots of some abusive tweets, the singer also compared the fans of Kangana to those of Salman.

“Interesting for me to note that the supporters of this lady actor are no different from the male poster star of toxicity, Salman. They troll with misogynistic fervour, ironically use gifs where a woman is stripped, objectified to showcase macho aggression, to put you down. #India “

Those who follow Sona Mohapatra on Twitter know that she has a long history with Salman Khan’s fans. The singer has often slammed the fans of the superstar for being abusive on social media.

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