Somy Ali Says Salman Khan " Beat Shaheen, Sangeeta... Katrina Even Called..." In A Now-Deleted Post
Somy Ali Calls Salman Khan ‘P*ssy, Dumb Illiterate As*hole’ Accusing Him For Forcing Her To Kill ‘Sukoon’, (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Time and again, we have seen actress Somy Ali Khan launch attacks on Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and her latest post was no different. Somy took to social media a while back to pen a long note against Dabangg Khan and accused him of beating actresses like Sangeeta Bijlani and others. She revealed that she even received a call from Katrina Kaif. Not only that, Somy also dragged Khan’s father, Salim Khan, who ‘abused his mother for years’.

A couple of days back, Somy made a shocking allegation of Sangeeta Bijlani catching Salman red-handed in her apartment. However, in the latest post, she called the superstar p*ssy and said she will make her autobiography say it all.

Taking to Instagram, Somy Ali Khan wrote in a now-deleted post, “You took it all, and still you thrive @salmankhan for taking it all from a 16-year-old child. You are disgusting just like your father who abused your mother for years. And you #pussy @beimgsalmankhan couldn’t even protect your mother. Sadly to watch your mother being abused as a kid and then have your father as your idol. You dumb illiterate asshole. You beat, Shaheen, Sangeeta, somy, and many more. Katrina even called me when I was in my master program. I will let my autobiography say it all”

Towards the end of the post, she accused Salman Khan of making her kill ‘Sukoon’ at the age of 17. “As for you Oldman, it’s over for because you didn’t to my namaaz and my@mannat. Allah literally hates you for forcing me to kill Sukoon. At 17….” she concluded writing.

Somy Ali’s Shocking Now-Deleted Insta Post

Well, this is not the first time any actress has spoken about Salman Khan being physically violent.

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