Shah Rukh Khan Once Talking About Whether He Is Scared About A Film’s Fate Is Wisdom
Shah Rukh Khan Will Be Now Seen In Jawan Releasing In September 2024 ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

One of the names in Indian cinema that doesn’t need a reason to trend and is a trend in itself is the Badshah Of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. King Khan is right now making all the buzz for Jawan that released in September this year, but what is always making news whether a release is around or not are his words of wisdom. Amid the sea of wisdom that Khan has shared in many of his interviews we bring you one of the most delicate things he ever said about being scared for the success of his movies.

SRK talking impromptu is in itself a genre. He has the power of words and enigma to turn the most boring room into a poetic zone where his words do the magic to enthrall the audience. The said conversation is one that he had with a media house back during Ra.One was up for release.

In the conversation shared through a reel on Instagram, Shah Rukh Khan talks about the love he earned, the kingship of love that can never be taken away from him. He spoke about how he is a fakeer and that he came to Mumbai with only Rs 1500 and is okay with going back with the same amount. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

The reel shared by _srkvibe2.0, a fan page, on Instagram, has SRK is talking about being scared about his movies working. He said, “Have you heard the story of Mahmud of Ghazni? So he conquered the world, and made a lot of money. And a poet one day wrote, that there is a mole on my lover’s face, I will sacrifice all the wealth of Ghazni on it. I like the poem very much. And after making a movie like Ra.One, I like it even more.”

The Pathaan actor added, “So, Ghazni ordered to bring him to the court and ask how can he say that? I took so many lives to conquer the world, to accumulate so much wealth, and he would sacrifice it over a mole. So he called him and he was a beggar. His clothes were torn, he had no money to eat food. So Ghazni was surprised to see his condition and asked you want to do this? Have you seen your face? You don’t have clothes, food, and you sacrificed all my wealth on a mole?”

“He replied, ‘my condition is because of these wasteful expenses.’ So the idea is those who are kings are rich, mein fakeer hoon (I am a beggar). So my wasteful expenses should lead to such conditions. I have never been someone who has believed I need all this. I have never needed this. I came with Rs 1500 in my pocket, and even if I go back with 1500, I have earned so much love, so much fame, that you can’t take away The Kingship of love that I have. So I don’t get scared at all. If this film doesn’t work, I will make another one; it will work somewhere,” Shah Rukh Khan concluded.

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Trust Shah Rukh Khan to make your days with his words. Jawan hits the big screen on September 7, 2023. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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