Shah Rukh Khan Once Sold Himself Quoting A Lower Fee, Insistin On Rakesh Roshan Why He Is Better Than 'Higher-Paid' Salman Khan For His Film
Shah Rukh Khan Once Got Salman Khan Replaced From A Rakesh Roshan Film (Photo Credit – Instagram/IMDb)

The ancient age of Bollywood and their anecdotes are endearing. Today is a time when we are mesmerized by the stardom of Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. But there was a time when they were struggling and selling their acting talent to filmmakers to cast them, at times even at the cost of putting others down or grabbing the other’s opportunity.

Today, from the old tales of Bollywood, we bring you a story that involves the two biggest Khans of today’s time – Tiger and Pathaan. Both were probable contenders for a film to be directed by Rakesh Roshan. However, the role was not for the lead actor; it was a supporting role for the film King Uncle, which starred Jackie Shroff.

Rakesh Roshan was looking for an actor to play Jackie’s brother in the film and was in complete mood to approach Salman Khan for the role. However, the tables were turned when Vivek Vaswani, who was an Insider and SRK’s friend, suggested Rakesh Roshan try him and cast him instead. Rakesh Ji was a man of spoken words and did not mince them before speaking. He straight-forwardly asked Shah Rukh Khan, “Why should I cast you in my film?” Vivek had prepared Shah Rukh Khan for such a question and even explained to him all the economics that he needed to break down confidently to Rakesh Roshan in order to sell himself and his talent.

What happened next was surprising. In an interview with Film Companion, Vivek Vaswani revealed, “He (SRK) explained how Rakesh had already sold King Uncle. So casting Salman and paying him more money was not going to raise the price of the film, and casting Shah Rukh at lower money was not going to reduce the price of the film.”

Rakesh Roshan was highly impressed with a newcomer from TV, talking and breaking down film economics like an industry insider and a professional businessman. He undoubtedly preferred Shah Rukh Khan over Salman Khan and signed a three-film deal with him immediately. After King Uncle, SRK acknowledged this deal by starring in Karan Arjun and Koyla, both directed by Rakesh Roshan.

Probably, it is this business acumen that Shah Rukh Khan today owns a production house like Red Chillies and enjoys a net worth of around 6300 crore! As for Salman Khan, since he was never approached for King Uncle, he never got offended by how SRK stole his opportunity like a pro!

King Uncle was a 1993 film that starred Jackie Shroff, Anu Aggarwal, Puja Ruparel, Shah Rukh Khan, Nagma, Sushmita Mukherjee, Paresh Rawal, and others. The film tanked at the box office.

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