Shah Rukh Khan Probably Served A Major Inspiration To 'Laila Laila Chillaunga Kurta Phaad Ke' Song As He Had The Cutest Reply To 'What If Gauri Khan Leaves Him' - Watch
Shah Rukh Khan Might Have Been The OG Inspiration For Govinda’s Song ‘Laila Laila Chillaunga Kurta Phaad Ke’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Youtube )

Shah Rukh Khan is undeniably the cutest man who has ever resided on this planet. Call us biased as if we should care, but we are sure you would agree to this once you listen to his antics about ‘manaaoing’ a ‘roothi hui biwi’ in the most epic way, and he proves why he is the OG romance king.

So in this way, old interview, King Khan, who was yet to turn a king, was asked about his tactics and strategy when his wife was annoyed or left the home super angry. His answer to what he would be doing would surely give anyone a meltdown.

Shah Rukh Khan was asked in an interview by Farida Jalal (who also looks super cute asking that question btw), “Maan lo agar ek subah achanak Gauri tumse kahe ki wo tumse bezaar ho gayi hai aur wo good bye karke chali jaaye.” (Imagine if one morning, Gauri is super annoyed at you and leaves your home in haste, bidding you a farewell.)

Shah Rukh Khan had a smile on his face as if he already knew how to win back his lady love and said, “To main aise kapde kapde phaad ke aise kuch baahar sadak par khada ho jaaunga, and I think I’ll may be sing the song ki O Gauri Gauri, O Baanki chhori, kabhi mere ghar bhi aaya karo! And I’m sure she’ll come back.” (Then I’ll go on the road, stand and tear my clothes apart and sing, O Gauri Gauri, O baanki Chhori..and I am sure she’ll come back!)

Rings a bell? Well it seems like our OG king of romance served as an inspiration for two significant songs in Bollywood. One was Govinda‘s iconic song, “Main laila laila chillaunga kurta phaad ke” and the other was Gumshuda from Chalte Chalte, which starred SRK himself looking for his beloved in the same way he described!

Netizens also had awww reactions to this video. “He’s cute all the time,” wrote one user. Another comment read, “Ohhh Shah, you are so cute when you sing. Their happiness should last a lifetime. SRK GAURI forever.”

A fan could not control their love for Shah Rukh Khan and wrote a long note which said, “Nothing like this will happen to you Shahrukh , because your love for Gauri will never end and Gauri will never ever give up on you , she won’t be fed up with you at any cost , until you make her angry or irritated for some valid reason , both of you had given immense time and respect to each other’s space so your bonding , your understanding is equally strong and no one can break this strong bond of yours Shah,,,,tumhe apna shirt faadke gaane ki koi zaroorat nahi hain Shahrukh, yeh din kabhi aayega nahi dude.”

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