Rashtra Kavach Om Writer Raj Saluja Compares Bollywood Action Films To South’s like KGF & RRR
“Audience Will Not Accept Shah Rukh Khan Can Do This, Yash Is Doing It,” Says Rashtra Kavach Om Writer Raj Saluja ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ; IMDb ; A Still From KGF 2)

After being in the pipeline for some time, Aditya Roy Kapur and Sanjana Sanghi starrer Rashtra Kavach Om hit the big screens today, i.e., July 1. While the fans were waiting with bated breath for its release, it has, however, opened to a dull response at the box office. While Aditya and Sanjana’s chemistry is being lauded by one and all, fans, audience and critics have given big thumbs down to the film.


Helmed by Kapil Verma the film also stars Prakash Raj, Jackie Shroff and others in pivotal roles. On the release date, the film faced a box office clash with R Madhavan’s Rocketry: The Nambi Effect.


Much before Rashtra Kavach Om began to garner mediocre reviews from the critics, its writer Raj Saluja compared Bollywood action films to South’s especially recently-released films RRR and KGF. In his latest interview, Raj blamed the audience and said they won’t accept Bollywood actors doing films even if Shah Rukh Khan does KGF. The actor-turned-writer Raj that in 100% of the films made in both, India and Hollywood, action is always illogical. The action doesn’t have logic because they want to do larger than life. In RRR, they were throwing bikes with their hands.

Speaking to News18, writer Raj Saluja said, “We know what a strong built Jr NTR has but still, the makers make the audience believe that these characters can do it. It’s like the makers take you into the character’s universe and make you believe that the character is capable enough to do what you are watching. Illogical actions are always there. If you think of making logical actions, we won’t have sequences that are unparalleled. There will always be illogical action whether in Bollywood or even in the South (films).”

Raj went on to criticize South’s illogical action sequences and said, “South is much higher than us (in terms of action). See KGF is full of illogical actions, RRR has illogical actions. We can’t think of logic when we think of action. Physics ghar par chod ke aate hai (They leave Physics at home).”

This is when Raj Saluja said that audience won’t even accept Shah Rukh Khan in KGF. He stated, “It’s the audience. Just know, I was with my co-writers, and we were discussing the same thing. It is the audience that decides whom to accept and whom not to accept. For example, if you put, say Shah Rukh Khan in KGF, they will not accept that Shah Rukh Khan can do this. But if Yash is doing it, you are accepting it. Why? Because the pan-India audience is already accepting that the South actors can do this. They can do any damn thing and still we like it, we don’t have a problem. But they are not ready for the Bollywood actors for doing such stuff. Because for example, John was doing such great stunts in Satyamev Jayate and Attack, but still the audience did not accept him. We don’t want to accept our hero doing this but we are ready to accept NTR, Ram Charan, and Yash.”

The Rashtra Kavach writer Raj Saluja also cited Karan Johar’s recent statement as an example and said that if Bollywood makes such films, critics and the audience will rip them apart. He further added that the audience wants logical films from Bollywood but they are okay to have illogical films from pan-India.

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