Shah Rukh Khan at an event
Shah Rukh Khan at an event

Shah Rukh Khan has enjoyed three 100 crore successes in a row since last Diwali in the form of Ra.One, Don 2 and Jab Tak Hai Jaan. However two things that have been common in each of these films are that first and foremost they have been largely urban affairs and secondly, they haven’t quite seen universal acclaim coming in their direction. While fans and followers of Shah Rukh have been asking for more, the good news is that there is an altogether different strategy being adopted by him for next year.

“For starters, there is nothing experimental about his next few films. Ra.One had a science fiction base while Don 2 was a heist action drama. He tried doing something different and at least the latter managed to fetch some good appreciation. Similarly Jab Tak Hai Jaan, despite not being picked up by one and all, did manage to work with classes to some extent, especially in overseas. However this isn’t all that is expected to particularly please Shah Rukh either. He knows he has to reach out to masses and classes with equal enthusiasm. This is where Chennai Express and Happy New Year fit in,” says a source.

No wonder, Shah Rukh Khan is trusting Rohit Shetty and Farah Khan, two directors known for their inclination towards hardcore commercial ‘masala’ films, to do the needful.

“Shah Rukh has not been known for interfering with his directors and always surrenders to their vision once on board. For Chennai Express, he has given a clean go ahead to Rohit for making ‘Rohit Shetty kind of film’. In fact he is looking forward to all the chases and cars blasting away. He wants his ‘masala’ to be just like the kind seen in the director’s last 6-7 hits. Similarly with Farah, the endeavour has been to march a few steps ahead of Om Shanti Om. One of the major strengths of Farah’s films is her music and Vishal-Shekhar have already belted some chartbusters in the making for Happy New Year,” the source adds.

While he has already started shooting for Chennai Express and is happy in a new world he is finding himself in, early next year he would be stepping into Farah’s sets. Rest assured, it is expected to be a lot of fun-n-frolic sans any experimentation in year to come. Guess, Shah Rukh fans won’t mind that either.

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  1. I am failry confident of Chennai Express..If it does not do 150+ crores, then nothing will..Sceptical of HNY…If would have been good had it been made 5 to 6 years earlier, when it was supposed..and moreover its abt Dance Competition..So not sure how good SRK at 47 will be..HNY is a bad idea…SRK should do some serious movies…he is capable if so much more than what he has been dishing out…

  2. i read your comments quite often but it seems that there is a different standard with comparing srk ‘s films with any one else – how can anyone even compare box office with ett which was a solo release – maybe you should talk about the fact that ajay deliberately released his film even with knowing the fact a year before that srk wd release his film in diwali 2012 – ajay devgan doesnt like srk – never has god knows why – and he is friendly with salman who must have egged him to release sos to compete why dont you talk about that instead. for jbhj to relase and do so well in india and making at least 68 crores overseas so far – and other overseas releases also coming up – shouldnt you be talking about that ! it seems that your website is very biased about certain srk things – which is a pity and instead of saying something positive abt srk the fact he is doing different things in all his movies instead of copying south movies etc – rowdy rathore was a copy, joker was a flop omg was a hit which is gd so far srk is the only khan who hasnt copied any south film – ajay has done that etc – my point is being a critic means you sd also be able to offer praise to any actor and i think srk certainly deserves this much of trying etc

    • Dear Norah.. i really feel petty on your limited knowledge about hindi cinema.. u said SRK is the only Khan who did not copy South cinema??? LoL… can you check ‘Swades’, ‘Billu’ and ‘Paheli’ films’ original history??? these all are stolen by SRK from South Cinema.. Swades is copy of kannada film ‘Chigurida Kanasu’; Paheli is copy of kannada film ‘Nagamandala’ and Billu is copy of Malayalam film ‘Kadha Parayumbol’.. so shameless SRK is; Ajay, Salman, Aamir have done South films officially with original directors.. they did not steal the script unlike shameless SRK

  3. and srk fans say salman khan movies are mindless your king is doing the same now budhha satiya gaya hai box office ke chakar pe

  4. movies are made for entertainment..and all srk movies(mentioned above) are entertainment.. i m a srk fan but will not appreciate movies if they are not good. ett son of sardar were truely not up to the mark.. expectin dabang 2 ,chennai be entertaining..dont want to contribute money to make stars popular..

  5. SRK is the best …….and will remain the same….
    his performance is truly awesome in JTHJ…….and he does not require any comparison with other “bakwass” actors becoz he knows his standard……and know many thinks to add in the film……

  6. yaar aap logon ka kuch samaj main nahi ata. Srk ko app boltey ho 47 years ka hain aur old hai. Salman Khan, Aamir, Ajay aur Akshay tu i think abhi teenagers hain 18 years kay bhi nahi huay hahahahha
    SRK tu apnay say half age ki heriones kay saath kaam karta hai tu salman khan, aamir, ajay aur akshay tu 50 years ki heriones kay saat kaam kar rahe hain. hahahahahaha

  7. its masla movies time in india. one human (not superhuman) jumping and kicking and beating 50 ppls. hurrah we are in the 80s again ))))))))))). what happened to bollywood movies? romanace and thriller not in at the moment. then also hats off to SRK and AAMIR for giving such a bumper collections.

  8. I’m a fan of SRK. I ve this feeling that, bcoz i like him so my friends & others around me try to humiliate him always. They have just this point that he is crossed by Salman, Akshay or others in the regard of box office numbers. Without any reason, they hat SRK. I ve always clarified to them that i just love him but i don’t hate the others. & love is beyond boxoffice numbers. I can’t figure out why they hate SRK if they are fans of others stars, specialy Salman or Ajay! Is it just because the popularity or success rate of King Khan? Love u SRK…

    • From where u got Ajay’s name? Yashraj banner tried their best to stop Ajay’s film on Deewali, they manipulated theatre screens on the time of their film Ek Tha Tiger release, they asked theatre owner, if they want to show Ek Tha Tiger.. they have to show JTHJ on Diwali.. so where u find SRK’s popularity? even a legendary banner like Yashraj film can’t sale their film with SRK and Yashjee himself as director (his last film as director announced b4 he died).. but they used Salman’s film to force the theatre owner to show JTHJ, there were days.. when SRK was a huge popular star, but now Salman Khan took over it by a mammoth margin.. and Salman’s popualrity is working like magic.. at the moment Salman has more fans world-wide than SRK has!! Learn to accept the truth..!! And please leave The Genius Ajay Devgn from your Salman-SRK stupid fan fighting!!

  9. all the masala films of srk contains a fantastic standard like mai hoo na, josh,om shanthi om and don-2 and expecting same from chennai express and happy new year

  10. Srk makes movies to entertain people make them smile with lots if passion and hard work he doesn’t do anything bad to people and he still gets criticism from media from the public! Why?? Even critics have become biased in their opinion and even when he acts tremendously (Jthj) even when his movies cross 100crores (ra1, don2,jthj)he doesn’t get any praises! Why? When the whole world was loving him till 2008 why ppl started hating him? Just so because he said pak players shud play in ipl? What’s wrong with promoting peace? Love him or hate him.. But u just can’t ignore him.. He has been and will be the undisputed king of Bollywood!!

  11. Hope from chennai express,becoz farah khan is dumbest filmmaker i hv ever seen.and i’m a srk fan but his last 3 films were rubbish.

  12. why the people comparison every actor with sharuk khan when any actor grow a little bit or gives 1or 2 hit movies .

    the actual reason only that the sharukh khan is the target and the destination of evey actor , they want to beat the sharukh . when hrithik roshan came the people and the media says its dangerous for sharukh when gagny hit these thing again happen and now the salman khan two movies making the problem after 7 or 8 flop movies.
    these things tell us the sharukh is the actor that consitantly best actor of two decades he give us evergreen movies DDLG Kuch Kuch hota hay pardes,Mohabatien, dil to pagal hay ,ma hoon na , kal ho na ho, om shanti om , and so more

    so please dont comparison with others , others are also good but he is the best if we see the whole career and movies of srk .

  13. Srk just name is enough…making different kinds of movies in different interval . not like other actors who r doing the mindless comedy,fighting moviz only for money…srk rockzzzz

  14. Me srk ka dewana [sir ki film jab tak h jan film box office par bhale hi 100cr ka vyapar kiya ho lekin film ko jis hisab say box office ek chap chodni chaiye vo nai kyo ki(1st)=film thi king of romence srk ki thi (2nd)=jvaaaan dilo ki dhadkan katrina jinki fan numbring kafi high h (3rd)=apni pehli picture srk k sath hit or back to back hit anushka jo kafi papular ho rahi h (4thSABSE BADA METTER)=KI YE FILM THI YASH RAJ KI USK Bavjod vo mokam nahi mila jo milna chahiye mere hisab say (jab tak srk ki film me Dar _jaisa junon ho Anjam_ jaisa pagalpan ho Devdas_jaisa awarapan ho DDLJ_ jaisi sadgi vala ladakpan ho Mohabbaten_jaisi ashki ho Bagigar_jaisa chal baj ho Ye sab chej ka cherectar agar srk ki film me logo ko ye dekhne ko mil jaye to ye bhomika sharukh jaisi koi nhi nibha payega or isi jhalak ki janta dekhne ko diwani h or 100nd10% dekhna bi chahati h Fir uske jo ye film box office pe jo chap chodegi vo salman or amir jaise ko ek nai chetavni hogi


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