Shah Rukh Khan at an event
Shah Rukh Khan at an event

Shah Rukh Khan has enjoyed three 100 crore successes in a row since last Diwali in the form of Ra.One, Don 2 and Jab Tak Hai Jaan. However two things that have been common in each of these films are that first and foremost they have been largely urban affairs and secondly, they haven’t quite seen universal acclaim coming in their direction. While fans and followers of Shah Rukh have been asking for more, the good news is that there is an altogether different strategy being adopted by him for next year.


“For starters, there is nothing experimental about his next few films. Ra.One had a science fiction base while Don 2 was a heist action drama. He tried doing something different and at least the latter managed to fetch some good appreciation. Similarly Jab Tak Hai Jaan, despite not being picked up by one and all, did manage to work with classes to some extent, especially in overseas. However this isn’t all that is expected to particularly please Shah Rukh either. He knows he has to reach out to masses and classes with equal enthusiasm. This is where Chennai Express and Happy New Year fit in,” says a source.

No wonder, Shah Rukh Khan is trusting Rohit Shetty and Farah Khan, two directors known for their inclination towards hardcore commercial ‘masala’ films, to do the needful.

“Shah Rukh has not been known for interfering with his directors and always surrenders to their vision once on board. For Chennai Express, he has given a clean go ahead to Rohit for making ‘Rohit Shetty kind of film’. In fact he is looking forward to all the chases and cars blasting away. He wants his ‘masala’ to be just like the kind seen in the director’s last 6-7 hits. Similarly with Farah, the endeavour has been to march a few steps ahead of Om Shanti Om. One of the major strengths of Farah’s films is her music and Vishal-Shekhar have already belted some chartbusters in the making for Happy New Year,” the source adds.

While he has already started shooting for Chennai Express and is happy in a new world he is finding himself in, early next year he would be stepping into Farah’s sets. Rest assured, it is expected to be a lot of fun-n-frolic sans any experimentation in year to come. Guess, Shah Rukh fans won’t mind that either.

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  1. I am failry confident of Chennai Express..If it does not do 150+ crores, then nothing will..Sceptical of HNY…If would have been good had it been made 5 to 6 years earlier, when it was supposed..and moreover its abt Dance Competition..So not sure how good SRK at 47 will be..HNY is a bad idea…SRK should do some serious movies…he is capable if so much more than what he has been dishing out…

  2. i read your comments quite often but it seems that there is a different standard with comparing srk ‘s films with any one else – how can anyone even compare box office with ett which was a solo release – maybe you should talk about the fact that ajay deliberately released his film even with knowing the fact a year before that srk wd release his film in diwali 2012 – ajay devgan doesnt like srk – never has god knows why – and he is friendly with salman who must have egged him to release sos to compete why dont you talk about that instead. for jbhj to relase and do so well in india and making at least 68 crores overseas so far – and other overseas releases also coming up – shouldnt you be talking about that ! it seems that your website is very biased about certain srk things – which is a pity and instead of saying something positive abt srk the fact he is doing different things in all his movies instead of copying south movies etc – rowdy rathore was a copy, joker was a flop omg was a hit which is gd so far srk is the only khan who hasnt copied any south film – ajay has done that etc – my point is being a critic means you sd also be able to offer praise to any actor and i think srk certainly deserves this much of trying etc

    • Dear Norah.. i really feel petty on your limited knowledge about hindi cinema.. u said SRK is the only Khan who did not copy South cinema??? LoL… can you check ‘Swades’, ‘Billu’ and ‘Paheli’ films’ original history??? these all are stolen by SRK from South Cinema.. Swades is copy of kannada film ‘Chigurida Kanasu’; Paheli is copy of kannada film ‘Nagamandala’ and Billu is copy of Malayalam film ‘Kadha Parayumbol’.. so shameless SRK is; Ajay, Salman, Aamir have done South films officially with original directors.. they did not steal the script unlike shameless SRK

  3. and srk fans say salman khan movies are mindless your king is doing the same now budhha satiya gaya hai box office ke chakar pe


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