Check Out The Efforts That Went Into Shah Rukh Khan Acing His First Scene With Satish Shah In Main Hoon Na
As Funny It Was Funny For Us Watching Shah Rukh Khan & Satish Shah Interact In Main Hoon Na, SRK Had A Blast Shooting It – Check Bloopers (Photo Credit: Instagram, IMDb & YouTube)

Shah Rukh Khan is an actor who embroils his character to the T and what we see on the silver screen in perfection. We recently came across a throwback video – featuring SRK and Satish Shah – from the sets of Main Hoon Na. This multi-starrer drama has a funny undertone, and one of the funniest parts is the scene we are going to be talking about below.

You all remember Khan’s first day at the college. The one where Ram interacts with Sanjana ‘Sanju’ Bakshi (Amrita Rao), Lakshman’ Lucky’ Prasad Sharma (Zayed Khan), the other students and Professor Rasai (Satish) in the classroom? Well, what if we tell you that the final product you saw was the result of several rehearsals and takes.



This is true. As per this throwback, behind the scenes video we have come across, it took Shah Rukh Khan 15 attempts (plus rehearsals) to get the scene right. As much as we laughed watching it, SRK, too, kept breaking character and laughing to his heart’s content. The scene in question is when Satish Shah pulls Ram for sitting with his feet on the desk and asks him to follow him to the principal’s office.

While it was just a few seconds of laughter for us, it seems like Shah Rukh Khan spent hours getting drenched in Satish Shah’s spit. Feeling bad for the Pathan actor, at the end of the video, we see Shah ask the spot dadas on set to wipe the saliva off the actor while the duo shares something like a side hug.

Take a look at the bloopers featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Satish Shah in Main Hoo Na here:

Also, check out the final cut of this scene and let us know in the comments, which is funnier.

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