Salman Khan Gets Dragged In Salman Rushdie’s Tweet After Getting Slammed Under Salman Khurshid's Tweet
Salman Rushdie Calls Himself Salman Khan After Getting Slammed Under Salman Khurshid’s Tweet ( Photo Credit – Instagram / Salman Khan ; Wikipedia )

If famous personalities share the same name, it can get confusing, not for them but also for their fans, especially on social media. We would not blame a Twitter user if that person, instead of tagging Salman Khurshid, tagged Salman Rushdie. Well, that was not enough; what followed even dragged another famous Salman, and that is non-other than Salman Khan.

We know all this sounds too confusing, and you might be wondering what the hell is going on? But, let us explain to you the entire situation which involves the three famous Salman’s of our country. Keep reading further.

Recently, former Minister of External Affairs of India and senior congress leader, Salman Khurshid, took to Twitter to share pictures of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and his son and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. He tweeted it with the caption, “The once and future king of democracy (sic).” We know you are still wondering that how did Salman Khan & Salman Rushdie come into all this? Well, check out the tweet first.

Now, this tweet obviously garnered a lot of attention from both the supporters and non-supporters of Rahul Gandhi. However, what stole the limelight was a tweet of one critic, and the reason is hilarious. A Twitter user @dOfficialITgirl slammed Salman Khurshid’s tweet and wrote, “Expect a chamcha like @SalmanRushdie to use the word ‘King’ to define ‘democracy’.”

That user tagged the wrong Salman; instead of Khurshid, he tagged Rushdie, who is an Indian-British novelist. The Twitter user’s tweet soon garnered hilarious responses from everyone.

Well, Salman Khurshid’s tweet was not it. Salman Rushdie made it even more hilarious. Staying true to this wit, the author tagged another Salman in his tweet to troll the Twitter user. Rushdie tagged none other than Salman Khan. Responding to @dOfficialITgirl’s tweet, Rushdie wrote, “I think you got the wrong Salman. I am Salman Khan.”

This exchange of tweets instantly went viral for obvious reasons. We wonder what Salman Khan will have to say about this?

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