Ranveer Singh Talks About The Time When He Was Told Of Not Having Quintessential Looks
Here’s What Ranveer Singh Reveals About The Time When He Was Told Of Not Having Quintessential Looks(Pic Credit: Facebook/Ranveer Singh)

Well, most of you may think that one thing that matters the most in the Bollywood industry is looks. Proving such theories wrong, many actors have risen in the industry on the basis of their talent and acting skills. One such brilliant actor of our times is Ranveer Singh, who was once told that he did not have a quintessential look to become an actor.

Apart from that, Ranveer also did not belong to a filmy family, neither did he have any godfather in the industry. Despite all this, he has reached a position that many would kill to be in. Ranveer is one of the highest-paid actors in the industry, popular across the globe, amongst the A-Listers and almost on the wish list of every director. Keep scrolling further to know what advice he has to give to the newcomers.

Ranveer Singh said, “When young actors, especially outsiders, come up to me seeking advice on how to navigate their hustle- the first and most important thing I tell them is to do it for the right reasons. Do it simply because you love performing. I urge them to not be lured towards performing arts or the entertainment business because success in this field comes with fame and money. Those are transient; they are frills – just trappings. So I say, Be true to your craft and do it for the love of, and for the joy of performing.”

Ranveer Singh added, “Another thing I learned along the way is that authenticity has the most resonance. If you try being something that you are inherently not, you are doing a disservice to yourself. If you stay true to who you are, if you lose the fear of being judged, only then will you vibrate at a high frequency. ‘You do you’, I tell them. Be original, be your unique self. And another important thing I’ve learned is to keep taking risks. The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. You may falter during that process, but I believe that there are no failures in life- there are only lessons.”

Well, this attitude of Ranveer has helped him achieve bigger and better in life, and we are sure that millions of people love him.

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