Ranbir Kapoor & Mahira Khan's Supposed 'Flirtatious' Old Chat Discovered By The Internet Opens RK's Pandora Box With Proofs & Screenshots Going Viral
Internet Finally Discovers Ranbir Kapoor & Mahira Khan’s Alleged Chats ( Photo Credit – Instagram; IMDb )

We have all been through the classic dilemma of to be or not to be. But the entertainment world, its gossip, and rumors, always instill the dilemma of whether to believe or not to believe. And on a lazy Friday night, a social media user decided to make the best use of his weekend, putting his Sherlock skills to use to decode Ranbir Kapoor’s social media existence, and voila, he might have probably found him.

A Redditor decided to do extensive research on the gospel truth of Ranbir existing on social media with an alias. (Do not read it as Alia!). Now, in a classic move of one thing leading to another, he kept joining the dots till these dots led to the Pakistani actress Mahira Khan!

Now, Mahira and Ranbir have a history – at least, that is what fans believe or would want to believe. Ever since their pictures chilling together and smoking leaked on the internet, creating a storm in their lives, and it was blamed on the internet that something substantial could have happened but did not, thanks to the leaks.

Now, a Reddit user decided to join all the dots with just one lead. The lead was an interview where a fan asked Ranbir Kapoor if @myreymar_1528 is his social media handle on Instagram! The actor denied it but smirked, and this Redditor believed there was a lot of mystery and suspicion behind that smirk. When this Redditor decided to research, he found that myreymar_1528 followed only a few accounts – Ayan Mukerji, Sandeep Reddy Vanga, and Anurag Basu. It also followed Randhir Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor.

The Redditor also pointed out that the account was made in the year 2016, when Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt started dating and the shooting of Brahmastra started. The account has two numbers – 15 and 28 which are Alia and Ranbir’s birth dates (March 15 and September 28).

Interestingly, the user also found a Twitter (now X) handle of the same name and discovered a chat with Mahira Khan during the #AskMahira session. The account wrote My My My and Mahira even replied, “Haha, Yours yours, yours.”

( Photo Credit – Instagram; Twitter )

Now, while these claims were big, the Reddit post interestingly stands deleted now. However, the comments on the post still exist. A user wrote, “I remember there was that pic of Ranbir, and his phone was on Instagram, and he was looking at Virat and Anushka’s honeymoon pics in the snow in Europe.” Another comment read, “I reckon it was more a fling/affair sort of situation, but I feel like she liked him way more than he did- Which is par for the course for RK’s relationships. This is definitely his IG!!!! Wow!”

People even sighed about how Ranbir and Mahira did not work out. A surprised user wrote, “Wow, the Mahira thing was serious. Surprising how it wasn’t widely reported as his other relationships. As a child with no access to any internet or media, I also knew of Kat and DP. But I had never heard of the Mahira situation until much later and definitely didn’t know it was this serious.” Another fan sighed, “Now I am sad that this one didn’t work out. It would have been an ah- amazing couple. Damn, we missed out.”

Another Sherlock did his own research and commented, “He has liked a post which called Varun Dhawan a perv for trying to inappropriately touch Kriti.” People even pointed out that the Twitter account says Karachi, Pakistan, and maybe he tried fooling around by posting his actual root, which is from Peshawar.

Another comment pointed out, “Also Reymar (obviously referring to Neymar because he’s an FC Barcelona Fan).” As soon as the post went viral, Redditors started posting screenshots about what all did the account liked, and it turns out that there were a lot of trolls and digs for Ranveer Singh and Katrina Kaif.

However, while everyone was Sherlocked with this discovery, we found one sane comment on this post that could make absolute sense, more than all of this combined. The comment read, “Isse proof kehte hain? Even if I could follow people related to RK, would that prove anything? Fan, hater koi bhi kar sakta hai… aur Mahira ke dusre replies bhi dekho, she often addresses people on Twitter very affectionately like she did with this account. Aur toh aur, the Twitter account likes RK hate tweets, follows Ronaldo when RK is a know Messi fan… agar RK ka account hota toh yeh sab kyu karta?”

So, while this could be some fan taking a major inspo from Shah Rukh Khan‘s movie Fan, wanting to live Ranbir Kapoor’s life on social media at least, the internet definitely had its dose of entertainment on a lazy weekend!

Look at the post that stands deleted, but the discussions exist with everyone putting on their Sherlock hats!

[ Removed by Reddit ]
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