Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's Video Assaulting, His Student: Chinmayi Sreepada, Calls It Horrendous, Netizens Troll The Aafreen Singer
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Video Assaulting, His Student Goes Viral (Picture Credit: Facebook)

The internet was (shocked yet not shocked) when a video of famous Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan surfaced online. The Afreen singer was seen brutally assaulting a middle-aged man in the video who was initially suspected to be a servant and later said to be a student of the singer.

In the viral video, Rahat Sahab was seen brutally beating the said man and asking for a bottle, which the internet assumed to be a liquor bottle. The singer has been infamous for his drinking habit and alcohol addiction. In fact, earlier, a video of him performing drunk during a live concert had also gone viral.

Coming back to his assault video, when it surfaced on the internet, it shocked some, and some were not at all surprised, well aware of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s tales. However, a clarification was immediately issued by the parties involved through the Instagram account.

In his clarification videos, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan said that it is a personal matter between a shared and his Ustaad. The bottle in question was said to have come from a ‘Pir’ who recited religious verses over it, and since the bottle was misplaced, the singer lost his calm over Hasnain, his disciple.

In another video, the man who was brutally beaten, being called Hasnain, also said, “He is my father and my teacher. Whoever has done this act is blackmailing to defame my teacher.” Hasnain’s father was also present in the video to issue a statement.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, in another video, said, “He is like my son…how relation is between a teacher and his disciple. If a disciple does something good, I shower my love on him. If he does something wrong, he is punished.” The internet was appalled by the string of videos. Singer Chinmayi Sreepada, reacting to the same, said, “The justification he gives here is, “The teacher showers love on the student when they do well, and the punishment is equally harsh when they make a mistake.” Gurus get protected by the ‘divinity’ of their position, regardless of the faith/religion they practice – all their transgressions from violence. Emotional abuse to s*xual abuse is condoned for the sake of their ‘artistry,’ ‘talent’ etc. This needs to stop.”

Even people could not stop themselves from reacting to the video. While a user brutally trolled Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and wrote, “Aisa Dekha Nahi, Beghairat koi, Saluk jaise ke galeechpan ki murat koi, jism jaise khada ho leechad koi, jism muzir koi, jism bad-akhlaq koi, Jism jaise Behaya ho ek chaman (-tuchiya)…” One more comment read, “What a piece of shit. Glad this was caught on video and hopefully can be used as evidence.”

People were irked after watching the video. A user wrote, “Drunk b*stard. This is what lawless society looks like.” Another comment read, “Feel sick of this; that poor guy couldn’t do anything as this guy sings at every influential person’s event.”

People were more irked when Rahat Fateh Ali Khan issued clarifications. A user wrote, “As if the original video of him torturing his employee wasn’t bad enough, the explanation is even worse! Using the poor man as a prop and implying that having an ‘ustad- shagird’ equation excuses or allows for violence and abuse! Shame on #RahatFatehAliKhan.”

Here is the video that is going viral. However, this video should come with a trigger warning, and we would suggest you watch it if you are strong-hearted.

People could not help but troll his clarifications further.

According to reports, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is ready to record a podcast over the same very soon.

Meanwhile, the clarifications have not stopped. Have a look.

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