Radhe: The Salman Khan Starrer Undergoes 21 Modifications After Receiving Its CBFC Certificate - Report
Radhe: After Getting A U/A Certificate, The Makers Of The Salman Khan Starrer Make Voluntary Modifications (PC: Twitter)

Salman Khan’s Radhe – Your Most Wanted Bhai was recently given its CBFC certification, and fans were happy that it was without any cuts or changes. But it seems like the makers felt a slight modification was necessary for this action entertainer. They have reportedly put the film back on the editing table and made as many as 21 changes to it.

Shocked? So are we. As per a recent report, the makers made these voluntary changes as they believe the film is a family entertainer, and they made sense. From additions to deductions and other changes, read on to know the changes reportedly made to the Salman-Disha Patani starrer.



As reported by Bollywood Hungama, the makers of Radhe decided to make these voluntary editions as they believe that even though it may be releasing online, it’s still a family film. Talking about it, a source said, “Lead actor Salman Khan and the makers felt that the film is a family entertainer. Although it’s coming on digital as well, many are going to watch it with their families in their homes. So they probably must have thought that it’s better to remove a few shots which might make the target audience uncomfortable.”

Talking about what kind of scenes from Radhe has gone under the axe, the insider said, “A few shots of young boys consuming drugs have been removed. There’s a quick, one-second shot of a boy suffering from overconsumption of drugs. Even this blink-and-miss shot was chopped off. Then, action shots at four places were deleted, possibly as it was a bit violent.”

Some of the other alleged modifications been made in the film include ‘Swacchh Mumbai’ being replaced by ‘Swacchh Bharat’ and a ‘Jai Maharashtra’ dialogue being cut out. While the makers reportedly made many deductions, they also made an addition. As per the same report, a five-second city-wide shot was added towards the end of the film.

Talking about the changes made in Radhe, the source said, “Let’s not see these things out of context and try to create controversy. I am sure there’ll be a reason why the makers made these modifications and we’ll get the answer when we see the film on May 13.”

Before these edits, at the time of receiving its CBFC certificate, Radhe’s runtime was among Salman Khan’s shortest film clocking in around 117 minutes and 55 seconds. Now, the reports claim that after the 21 modifications, the final run time of the action entertainer stands at 114 minutes and 24 seconds. That’s about three and a half minutes lesser of seeing Salman on the silver screen.

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