OMG 2's Leaked Plot Revolving Around A Gay Guy Dying By Suicide & S*x Education Is Fake? Latest Report Debunks Rumours
OMG 2’s Leaked Plot Revolving Around A Gay Guy Dying By Suicide & S*x Education Is Fake? ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Akshay Kumar has become the talk of the town ever since the teaser of his upcoming film Oh My God 2 was dropped online. This morning we told you that the film had been put on hold as CBFC are taking extra precautions about such religious film, especially after the Adipurush controversies. For the unversed, the Prabhas starrer got mired in controversies and landed in legal soup for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus with the wrong portrayal of Hindu Gods.

While the excitement around OMG 2 continues to spike, media reports were abuzz that the film’s plot revolves around the subject of LGBTQ. Recently a Redditor took the platform to spill the beans, which were soon debunked by a news portal.

The Reddit post read, “A gay guy gets bullied in college and commits suicide. Hurt by it, the college professor played by Pankaj Tripathi tried to make sex education compulsory so that students could learn and bullying will reduce. The religious oppose it calling it against God’s will. Case follows with help of Lord Shiva played by akshay Kumar. “

Take A Look:

rumored plot for Omg 2
by u/NihalMSajid in BollyBlindsNGossip

However soon, a website rubbished the rumours and said there’s no truth in such reports. A source close to OMG 2 revealed to Hindustan Times, “The rumours that the film will deal with the subject of LGBTQ are completely baseless. There is not even an ounce of truth in such reports. While we understand there is a lot of curiosity around what the film’s subject is, it will be really better if people wait for the makers to release more information about the subject, instead of believing all such rumours”.

Coming back, before believing any rumours we shall wait for OMG 2 to hit the big screens on August 11.

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