Neha Kakkar Releases Video Addressing Pregnancy Rumours!
Neha Kakkar Reacts To Pregnancy Rumours!(Pic Credit: Instagram/nehakakkar)

Neha Kakkar has grabbed a lot of eyeballs over her marriage with Rohanpreet Singh. The couple first met on the set of the song ‘Nehu Da Vyah’ and that marked the beginning of their romance. Speculations around pregnancy were first sparked with their song ‘Khayal Rakhya Kar’ but continue till date. The couple along with their family members is finally clearing the air!

Neha has finally come up with an interesting series on Youtube. It is titled ‘Life Of Kakkars.’ The first episodes witnesses the answer to the most asked-about question, ‘Is Neha Kakkar Pregnant?’ From their parents to Sonu Kakkar and Tony Kakkar, the entire family is a part of the video.



The video begins with Tony Kakkar buying toys in a supermarket and the background music is “Tonny ban gaya mama.” It is edited to the tunes of his viral song ‘Kurta Pyjama.’ Even Sonu Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh reveal how everyone keeps asking them about Neha Kakkar being pregnant.

The most interesting part is when Neha Kakkar addressed the mean comments that are made on her and Rohanpreet Singh’s marriage. She could be heard saying that she read people, article that say, “Dekho, industry wale toh aise hi hote hai. Shaadi se pehle ho gaya hoga sab (See, this is how people in the entertainment industry are. She got pregnant before marriage).”

But Neha and Rohanpreet only look at the articles and laugh it off.

Clarifying the air for once and all, Neha Kakkar says, “Maana maine mera tummy motu ho gaya hai but itna nahi ki main pregnant lagu. Come on! Matlab Neha Kakkar bhi thodi chubby, golu-polu ho sakti hai. Toh main abhi bas golu-polu hoon, iska matlab yeh nahi ki main pregnant hoon (I admit that I have gained some weight around my tummy but not so much that I look pregnant! I can be a little chubby. Right now, I am just a little chubby, that does not mean I am pregnant).”

Check out the video here:

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