Ram Kapoor based 'building blocks' of his 'Neeyat' character on his father
Ram Kapoor based ‘building blocks’ of his ‘Neeyat’ character on his father (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

Actor Ram Kapoor, who will be soon seen portraying eccentric billionaire Ashish Kapoor in the film ‘Neeyat’, has shared that he initially modelled the character on his own father.

Elaborating on the topic, he said, “When I first read the script, I saw that this was not going to be too difficult to get into, it was relatable to me, that was my initial thought. I based some of the character parts on my own father”.

Ram Kapoor added, “My father was also a typical North Indian Punjabi man who could be very loud and opinionated, and he was also very well to do, very successful. There were similarities between him and my character, so I based the building blocks of the character on my father, whom I discussed with Anu as I thought that would help me make it more personal. Anu liked that and helped me build on it more, that’s how we developed it together”.

Ram Kapoor further shared that he immediately fell in love with the project the moment he heard the script. He added, “It is a fantastic role and it is the kind of role that I knew I was well suited for. I could see myself playing Ashish Kapoor. Personality wise, certain characters are difficult to get into, and certain characters are easier, this one was the latter”.

A murder-mystery ‘Neeyat’ will focus on the murder of billionaire Ashish Kapoor at his own party, where his entire guest list is suspect. The murder will be investigated by detective Mira Rao played by Vidya Balan who must uncover the hidden motives and mysteries behind the murder.

‘Neeyat’ will release in theatres worldwide on July 7.

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