Neeraj Ghaywan Addresses Criticism a& Comparisons Between Sacred Games 1-2
Scared Games 2 Director Neeraj Ghaywan Talks About Criticism & Comparison With Season 1(Pic Credit: IMDb, Twitter/Neeraj Ghaywan)

Neeraj Ghaywan was a part of all the mainstream headlines back in the time when he was announced as the director for Sacred Games Season 2. The filmmaker, amid all the love, was also a part of some criticism. Joining Koimoi for an exclusive chat ahead of the release of his anthology Ajeeb Daastaans, Ghaywan addressed the criticism and also how it made him change his work pattern.


Netflix’s Sacred Games that was introduced back in 2018 hit popularity in no time. The second season of the show was helmed by Neeraj Ghaywan and starred Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Pankaj Tripathi and a talented ensemble. The show was brutally criticised and compared to season 1. Opening up about the same, Ghaywan explained how he looks at his work with too much of a critical lens. Read on to know more and what Neeraj exactly has to say.


Neeraj Ghaywan was asked where does he draw a line between unfair and constructive criticism. The Masaan director said, “I don’t even have to think about it. In fact, it is a problem for me, I am trying to work over it. I tend to look at my work with too much of a critical lens, and it comes in the way of appreciation. Because crew members, actors, and everybody need appreciation, but I am so critical about my work that U constantly look down upon it. I want to find a way to be able to be saying that fine some things are working, this good or this is amazing. I don’t have that and I thrive a criticism a lot, and I am trying to change that.”

Adding to that, he was reminded of the comparisons between Sacred Games Season 2 and 1 and if it did change his work pattern. Neeraj Ghaywan said, “Of course, you have to learn from what goes on. I mean I do accept the challenges that come with it, and I am constantly looking back at my work and I am constantly asking people. The other day I showed it to my driver and I asked what does he think of it. And he said ‘Ha matlab utna maza nhi aya (I did not enjoy it as much).’ I was so glad that he said that, you know because he was expecting something else. And this was not about Geeli Pucchi, it was about another ad film.”

“So I was saying it is essential for us to be grounded, and I always want fair criticism, otherwise you will become vain, you will be something else. That is why it is called critic. You have to be unbiased towards it, you have to be subjective towards it. You can’t have your acquaintances have an implicit bias on your critic. So I want that,” Neeraj Ghaywan added.

Catch the conversation right here:

Ajeeb Daastaans hits Netflix on April 16. Stick to Koimoi for more information!

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