Amit Trivedi’s Best Folk Fusions That Make Him The True Sound Of The Nation
Amit Trivedi’s Superpower of Folk Fusion & How He Rules Them ( Photo Credit – Facebook / Amit Trivedi ; IMDb )

A few years ago, Amit Trivedi literally had to choreograph a 10-minute long performance at an award show to make the world realise the versatility he has managed to induce in Bollywood. ‘The Sound Of Nation’ is what he named it, and the variation that it brought to the stage was enthralling and amusing at the same. Every single time I go back to that piece of art (which is quite often, to be honest), what I saw was how beautifully the musician had married the pop culture with the folk in each of his pieces.

Amit Trivedi has been in the business long enough to know what pop culture comprises of. Remember when he introduced us to Sham when the whole music scene was obsessed with Raps and beats? Or when he added hip hop to lyrics as deep as Nayan Tarse in DevD? Fusion has been his strength, and having no formal training has worked in his favour in letting his brain flow free and wild.

Today on Koimoi, as we begin this new week, let’s look back at the times when Amit married folk to pop and created tracks that will live forever in our playlists.


Inspired by Bengali folk form Baul, Monta Re is one of the most delicate songs, Amit Trivedi ever created. The songs talks of a heart that is flying free and wild as it has fallen in love. It doesn’t know any limitations or boundaries. It only knows its destination and is figuring out its way. Sung by Swanand Kirkire & Amitabh Bhattacharya, the song has unpolished edges and that’s the beauty


Being a Marathi, English Vinglish’s Navrai Majhi will forever have a special place in my heart. Every Maharashtrian who has witnessed a wedding knows how the folk song means the beginning of celebrations, and Amit Trivedi makes sure the celebration continues in his fusion. With Sunidhi Chauhan, Swanand and Nilambari Kirkire on the mic, the celebration doubles up.


Who could have thought Zeb Bangash singing Haminastu in the calmest of the voice and smoothest high notes, will be accompanied by fast drums playing in the background. Amit Trivedi in Fitoor made it happen, and the magic is in front of you. The album is one of his most underrated works and deserves listeners.


Pre-wedding rituals are all about taking digs, puling legs and let’s just accept the fact, being vulgar. Lyricist Anvita Dutt, Amit Trivedi take the very essence of it all and wed it with Bhangra. London Thumakda is born, and I can’t imagine anyone not having an urge to dance once this track tunes in. Sung by Labh Janjua, Sonu Kakkar & Neha Kakkar, this one is a must in all wedding gigs.


How can you not expect Amit Trivedi to master Garba? Please check his indie music in case you don’t get the reference. Kai Po Che’s Shubharambh is an ultimate example of hope, motivation and push, joining forces with folk and alarming beautiful vocals by Divya Kumar, making it an instant hit. And the last portion where the ‘alaap’ kicks in, divine!


I would go to hell if I didn’t have mention one of the most immaculate gems composed by Amit Trivedi ever. Chaudhary, sung by Mame Khan, was a part of his indie music for Coke Studio, and a rare example of how Rajasthani folk can be fused with drums and guitar without making it look experimental. The khartal and sarangi making way for drums and guitar is a treat. Bonus tip: Read the description for this song on YouTube. Know the context, and you will fall in love with this gem all over again.

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