Naseeruddin Shah Says He Was Overconfident During His NSD Days, Reveals "I Was The Hero Of The Stage, Girls Knew Me" But It Had Hit Him After Meeting His Close Friend Om Puri
Naseeruddin Shah Recalls How Overconfidence Had Killed His Growth As An Actor Back In His 20s (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Naseeruddin Shah is one of the versatile and talented veteran actors in Bollywood who has in-depth knowledge about acting. However, did you know he once felt his overconfidence in the craft restricted him from growing as an actor? And later, when he met Om Puri, his perception of himself and his acting changed.

While talking about his journey in the film industry in a recent interview, Naseer opened up about the various stages of his life and the hurdles that he has faced. Keep scrolling to know more about it.

In conversation with The Indian Express, Naseeruddin Shah revealed how he was way too overconfident in his NSD days and how Om Puri’s nature helped him tone down his attitude. He said, “When I was 20 years old and I was in the drama school, back then I was overconfident. I thought I was the cat’s whiskers at that time. ‘Why am I not being cast as Hamlet? I can do it; I can do it better!’ I had this attitude, which disappeared gradually before I entered the film industry. When I observed looking back at the three years in NSD.”

Naseeruddin Shah, after graduating from Aligarh University, joined the National School of Drama in Delhi, where he met his close friend Om Puri who helped him get back his conscience. He further shared, “I came to NSD with a swagger. I was from Aligarh University where I was the hero of the stage, the girls knew me and all that sort of a thing. But when we both were finishing NSD, it suddenly hit me like a sledgehammer, how much Om had grown in three years, and where was I?”

Recalling Om Puri was a “very raw, nervous, shy, introverted, insecure” person much opposite to his personality, Naseer shared, “I was still there where I was when I came to NSD. ‘I could act like this when I came here, so what have I learnt?’ It was a very disturbing thought.”

Well, on the work front, Naseeruddin Shah was last seen in the web show Taj.

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