Naseeruddin Shah Exposes Indian Film Industry, A SAG-AFTRA Like Strike To Happen In India Too?
Naseeruddin Shah Exposes Indian Film Industry (Picture Credit: Facebook & IMDB)

Naseeruddin Shah recently slammed the industry for not recognizing real talent who are behind the screens and making the magic happen. The actor was at an event organised by the Film Heritage Foundation where he was honoring three projectionists for their fine work. His comments spark the idea of whether Bollywood can be hit a SAG-AFTRA type strike or not.

The veteran actor was a chief guest at an event where he voiced his concern and shared his thoughts. Projectionist Lakhan Lal Yadav from Raipur, P A Salam from Pune’s National Film Archives of India (NFAI), and Mohammed Aslam Fakih of Regal Cinema, Mumbai, with the lifetime achievement award. Shah for people who are behind the screen making things happen. Let’s take a look at what the actor has to say.

As per Indian Express, Naseeruddin Shah said, “They have spent their entire life in a dark room for all of us, to entertain us, we should applaud them. I am thankful to Shivendra Dungarpur (FHF founder) and his team for recognising these people. I am here as an audience, I am grateful to have met and interacted with them. The bitter truth of the film industry is that those who work hard a lot during the making of the film, like light men and others, their income is not much.

Hollywood is right now at a standstill due to the writer’s strike that haulted many major projects. Speaking of the same, ‘The Dirty Picture’ star and Vidya Balan co-star said, “This is the nature of the beast. The issue is this thing remains the same even post the release of the movie. For instance, if a film is successful, then distributors and exhibitors take the major share of the profit. Those who help achieve this (success), no one cares about them. They are not even awarded.”

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