Naseeruddin Shah Calls Akbar Wanting To Start His Own Religion 'Absolute Nonsense'; Read On
Naseeruddin Shah Calls Akbar Wanting To Start His Own Religion ‘Absolute Nonsense’ ( Photo Credit – Still from Taj: Divided By Blood )

Naseeruddin Shah is one of the most respected actors in the Indian film industry who has given several memorable performances. The veteran actor is well known for speaking his mind without mincing words. Now he opens up about some misinformation around Akbar.

The National Award-winning actor is now leaving no stone unturned in promoting his upcoming web series Taj: Divided By Blood, wherein he plays the role of emperor Akbar. The web series is touted to be based on true events as it revolves around Akbar and the bloody battle between his sons for the Mughal throne.

During a conversation with Indian Express, Naseeruddin Shah addressed the misinformation regarding Akbar starting his own religion Din-e-Elahi. He said, “My understanding initially was that of any student who studied history in the 50s or the early 60s, just in the wake of independence when the influence of the British was still very strong. We had Irish teachers and English instructors. The picture drawn of Akbar was always that of a benevolent, kind-hearted, broad-minded, progressive ruler. The one fly in the ointment is his desire to start a new religion. We read about this in history books, which is absolute nonsense.”

“I have checked this with authoritative historians and Akbar never did attempt to start a new religion. This is a fact that was in our history books called the Din-e Elahi. But Akbar never used the word Din-e Elahi, ever. He called it Wahdat-e Elahi, which means the oneness of the creator. That no matter who you worship, in what form you worship him, you’re worshipping the creator. You may worship a stone, you may worship a crucifix, you may bow your head to the Kaaba, you may worship the rising sun and do what you like, but you are worshipping one and the same thing. That was his belief. This is what I found out,” Naseeruddin Shah added.

Taj: Divided By Blood is a 10-part family drama series. It is set to release on Zee5 on March 3. Naseeruddin Shah was last seen in Kuttey, alongside Arjun Kapoor and Tabu.

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