RIP KK: A Well Deserved Tribute To The G.O.A.T Singer By Team Koimoi
KK: A Heartbreaking Yet Much Needed Tribute By Team Koimoi!(Photo Credit–Facebook)

Singer Krishnakumar Kunnath also popularly known by his strange name KK’s sudden death has left a huge void in every Indian’s heart. After blessing our souls with his melodious voice, the singer’s demise is no less than a personal loss for each one of us.

Tadap Tadap Ke Is Dil Se to the list of endless soulful songs, The singer each time managed to hit the right chord in our hearts, and we can’t thank him enough for that. So with teary eyes, and emotions all high, today we Team Koimoi too want to celebrate the singer’s musical legacy by sharing our all-time favourite songs and the sweet-bitter core memories behind them.


1. Sach Keh Raha Hai Deewana – RHTDM (2001)

I was 8 when this ‘heartbreak anthem of the nation’ just shattered many already broken hearts, and one of them was of my Mamaji’s (maternal uncle). He was going through a divorce at that time, and I always saw him getting teary-eyed whenever this song aired anywhere around. Didn’t realise a thing back then, and for some reason, the song stuck with me becoming one of those memories which you don’t live at their time of happening but you’ll always be incomplete without them. Such was KK’s impact on all of our lives!


– Umesh Punwani

2. Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai- Gangster (2006)

I was fourteen when I heard this song for the first time. To this day, it is one of my favourite songs. Every time I listen to this soulful music, and KK’s mesmerizing voice, it takes me back to my good old school days. From school functions to MP3 Walkman, The song was such a rage at that time. I still remember: this song was blaring on my friends’ newly bought MP3 Walkman on repeat as I travelled on the school bus as rains cascaded on window panes. One of my fondest memories to date.

– Shrikrishna Iyer

3. YAARON – Rockford (1999)

It was 2009 and I finally understood KK’s iconic song ‘Yaaron’ at my farewell party when I couldn’t hold back my tears and emotions and what it must have been like for him to write this beautiful song. My school life sums up this incredible song and the memories that I’ve created. I’ll cherish it in my heart no matter where I go.

– Vidushi

4. Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar – (2007)

Remember that one school crush? Stealing glances in the middle of lectures. The innocent eye contact and the wildly beating heart. This song is all things nostalgia. How did KK do it all the time? Make our hearts whine over the losses, and smile over the faintest memories. Listening to it now, it comes with a hint of pain, the realization hitting like a truck that the KK playlist is sealed, only to be cherished forever and always.

– Sania Kadar

5. Dil Ibaadat – Tum Mile (2009)

I still remember listening to this song on the radio, as it heavily rained, while on my way to the school. The tune of the song and the melodious voice of KK blew me away completely. I never understood the deep meaning of the lyrics (barely was 13 or 14) after listening to it that day, but my mum who was dropping me to school told me that one day I would realize the deeper meaning hidden in the lyrics ahead as I grow. Mum was right. Now, it’s 2022 and will soon rain, but this song will still leave me with the same goosebumps, I had the very first time.

– Roshan Gopalakrishnan

6. Pyaar Ke Pal

You know when I was asked to choose my favourite KK song I just couldn’t decide which one. I mean if you have listened to his songs, you’d know how one can’t settle for just one song. All his songs have been part of our childhood. You have a heartbreak, you have a KK song; you fall in love, KK is there; you want to celebrate life and friendship you have no one but KK to comfort you. Since I was asked, I had no choice but to go through my playlist and find my KK comfort song. Well, it’s KK’s Pyaar Ke Pal because I feel it’s not just a song but a feeling. Every time I hear this song I can’t help but get stuck on ‘chal soche kya, choti si hai zindagi,’ part. I feel this is the ultimate truth that we all should remember because, ‘hum rahe yaa naa rahe kal.’

– Oshine Koul

7. Mera Phela Phela Pyaar – (2007)

“Mera pehla pehla pyaar hai yeh” is not a song, it’s a feeling. A feeling of falling in love for the first time even after you’ve been in love a zillion times.

– Savleen Maidh

8. Tu Jo Mila – Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015)

– Staying away from my parents has been very difficult. But I manage to find my alternate family – my friends. We would plan random road trips, meet up for pizza, study together and much more. I felt heard and loved. They filled in the void within me. This song reminds me of them.

– Kimaya

Lastly, we pray may KK’s soul rest in eternal peace. We love you, you’ll always be a legend!

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