Discovery Plus’ Star VS Food Episode 1 Ft. Kareena Kapoor Khan
Kareena Kapoor Khan Adds Her Sass TO Episode 1 Of Star VS Food(Pic Credit : Instagram/discoveryplusin)

The love for good food and the affection for it is evident in everyone, be it the star or a layman like you and me. In the most recent episode of Discovery Plus’ Star VS Food, we meet Kareena Kapoor Khan. Not on a film set, but in the kitchen and doing all the hard work to prepare food. I know it’s unimaginable, but somehow the masters at Discovery have made it happen, and it is 25 minutes of Kareena being a mixture of Poo, Geet and every bit of sass she represents.


Episode 1 of Star VS Food hits Discovery Plus today and it begins with none other than the style icon Kareena Kapoor Khan. Now you don’t expect her to be a pro at it, right? And that is what happens. The episode begins with the actor taking up the challenge and getting into the groove. As we progress, there is Kareena in her element, and below are highlights from the episode that will make you tune in right away.

Kareena Kapoor Being Kareena Kapoor Khan


First and foremost, you can take Kareena into the kitchen, but she will forever carry her sass, and Poo with her everywhere, literally everywhere. The show begins with the actor calling herself a ‘Diva’ and introducing herself in the third person. Now that is something only Kareena can rock. The moment is fun and has Poo written all over.

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s ‘Mein Apni Favourite Hoon’ Moment

Who is here for Geet! I am. The Star VS Food episode 1 has Chef Sarita guiding Kareena Kapoor Khan through the process of making pizza. Now interestingly, this is not Kareena second wheeling the chef like the stereotypical shows, but the dynamics are swapped here. And while she makes the pesto in the groove, she ends up labelling herself the Geet we all want her to be. You will binge in to hear her say the iconic lines, won’t you?

Kareena Kapoor Khan's Best Highlights From Star VS Food Episode 1 - From Her 'Main Apni Favourite Hoon' Moment To Pregnancy Cravings!
Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Best Highlights From Star VS Food Episode 1 – From Her ‘Main Apni Favourite Hoon’ Moment To Pregnancy Cravings!

Kareena Kapoor Actually Doing All The Hard Work For Real!

Ever imagined you will see Kareena fetch a weighing machine from the storeroom? Not just that, Chef Sarita makes her do all the hard work and just guide her through it. Ag a point the actor even accepts being exhausted and it is enough to make you giggle.

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Cravings

Now, we all know how much Kareena has ricked both her pregnancies and worked throughout the period. The actor took the moment and even spoke about the cravings she had during she was expecting Taimur and also the second baby. Kareena says she only craved pizza all the time and hogged on them.

It’s a fun episode and you must tune in. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more!

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