Way Before Anushka Sharma, Sharmila Tagore Was Once Targeted For Tiger Pataudi’s Dropped Catch!
Sharmila Tagore Was Once Blamed By Her Father Post Tiger Pataudi Dropped A Catch! (PC: Wikipedia/Wikimedia)

Bollywood and cricket is the best possible combination in our country. So, whenever there’s a fusion, viewers cannot keep calm. The consequences have been unimaginable too! Anushka Sharma was once blamed for Virat Kohli being knocked out at zero. If that isn’t it, even Sharmila Tagore was once blamed by her own father for husband Mansoor Ali Khan Tiger Pataudi missing a catch. Read on for insider scoop!


As most know, Sharmila married Tiger Pataudi back in 1968. While she reigned the acting world, her husband was renowned in the cricket world too. The duo is blessed with 3 children – Saif Ali Khan, Saba Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan.


Sharmila Tagore recently interacted in a live session with Ladies Study Group (a part of the Indian Chambers of Commerce) and revealed the comment made by her father. She said, “I think Tiger dropped a catch or something and my father screamed from somewhere else, ‘You shouldn’t have kept him up all night!’ I mean, can you imagine?”

Looks like Anushka Sharma isn’t the only one who had to face the wrath of bad performance by her husband. During the conversation, Sharmila Tagore during the conversation even revealed her first meeting with Tiger Pataudi.

The veteran actress revealed that she met Pataudi at a party. The renowned cricketer would have a very peculiar sense of humour and would laugh at his own jokes! She even shared that her husband would write her beautiful poems, until her co-star Feroz Khan told her that those verses are by Ghalib.

Meanwhile, Sharmila Tagore cannot wait to see Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s second son. She’s currently in Delhi and isn’t being able to travel due to the covid pandemic.

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