Avengers Dancing on Jhoome Jo Pathaan
Pathaan’s Jhoome Jo Pathan Has Got Avengers Dancing In This Edit Video(Pic Credit: Instagram, Movie Still)

Remember the high-tension drama between the Avengers while signing the Sokovia Accords in Captain America Civil War? It would have been interesting to see if someone would have played Avengers dancing on SRK’s Pathaan super hit song, Jhoome Jo Pathaan when General Ross presented the accords at the Avengers headquarters.

The Sokovia Accords lead Avengers to fall apart and have an internal civil war. Though the Avengers dispute divided them into two teams, “Team Cap” and “Team Iron Man”, fans still remember Cap vs Iron Man battle. Well, now a video shows the Earth’s mightiest heroes dancing on Jhume Jo Pathaan and it is just hilarious.



A video shared by Moksh, a Visual Effects Artist on Instagram shows the scene from the meeting room when General Ross brings the Sokovia Accords. The video is a parody that shows a video of the Avengers dancing instead of the damage caused by them during the events in the movie.

So far, the video has reached 836k views and has 61.4k likes. The caption of the video says, “Now who sent this video to avengers headquarter? Kuch to secret rakho”. Watch the video below!


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Reacting to the video a user said, “MCU ka next villain tu hi banega ab bhai”

“🔥Pathaan in Multivers😂😂😂of Madness”, well, we would like to see the infinite number of possibilities!. Another user said Avengers are a fan of Shah Rukh Khan saying, “Avengers bhi SRKIAN hai 🔥”

Another user commented, “Pov : Pathangers assemble 😂” While Chris Evans’ Captain America was missing from the dance video, a user commented, “Captain America be like apun ko cast mai kyun nahi liya 😂😂”

Watching a video, a user said, “Thanos please chutki Baja do 🙂”

While watching the epic reaction of Tony Stark, a user commented, “Tony sir kya dekhliyo bhaiilya😂😂😂😂😂”

Let us know what do you have to say about the video!

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