Jersey: Shahid Kapoor Was The One Who Convinced The Makers Not To Release The Film Digitally?
Shahid Kapoor Opts For A Cut In His Cheque So That Jersey May Have A Theatrical Release(Photo Credit: Facebook)

Fans are excited to see Shahid Kapoor take up the bat and play cricket in the soon-to-release Jersey. While the Mrunal Thakur co-starrer was to hit cinemas halls this Friday, December 31, the increasing number of Covid cases has made the makers postpone it.

In the midst of this, reports stated that the makers may take the digital route and skip a theatrical release, but that’s not true. So who do we have to thank for the film sticking to having a theatrical release? Well, it’s none other than the lead actor – Shahid Kapoor.



A source close to the team of the Shahid Kapoor starrer told Bollywood Hungama, “After the rising Covid cases, the team of Jersey had got a prior intimation that Delhi cinema halls might be shut soon. Hence, they had multiple meetings on the future course of action for the film, since their entire marketing campaign had rolled out and there was not much left to even promote.”

Continuing further about team Jersey’s next move, the source added, “They had discussion with their digital partner, Netflix, who agreed to pay a premium price for a direct to digital premiere on December 31. The offer was lucrative and the producers were, of course, inclined to that.” That’s not all.

The insider added, “They were almost sure to give the film to Netflix for a premiere since these are uncertain times and Covid will delay the film by at least 1 to 2 months, adding on to the cost and also reducing the hype around the film. They felt, instead of a hike in the budget, it’s better to let the viewers experience Jersey on OTT. That’s when the hero, Shahid Kapoor stepped in.”

Talking about Shahid Kapoor’s part in ensuring Jersey had a theatrical release and not only a digital one, the source said, “The actor was clear that Jersey deserves a theatrical release. When the makers pointed out the costs, the actor was gracious enough to reduce his remuneration to safeguard the film for theatrical medium.”

So what does this mean for the film and Shahid Kapoor? The source revealed, “Shahid charged Rs. 31 crore for Jersey, and without any hesitation, he told the producer that he will reduce his acting fees to the extent of the additional cost that will pile up on the film due to the delay.” Also stating how it works, the person in the know said, “If the budget escalates by Rs. 5 crore, he will reduce Rs. 5 crore from his fees. If the budget is escalated by Rs. 10 crore, he will let go off Rs. 10 crore from his fees.”

The source concluded by saying, “For Shahid, Jersey is special and he is confident that the audience will fall in love with the world that they have created. The producers were convinced and that’s how they decided on delaying the release rather than opting for a direct to digital premiere.”

Well done Shahid Kapoor!

Are you excited that Jersey will be having a theatrical release and not a digital one? Let us know in the comments.

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