Indoo Ki Jawani: Director Abir Sengupta Talks About Casting Kiara Advani- Aditya Seal & Their Preparation - Exclusive
Indoo Ki Jawani: Director Abir Sengupta Opens Up On What Made Her Cast Kiara Advani In The Film – Exclusive

Ever since Kiara Advani and Aditya Seal’s Indoo Ki Jawani’s trailer is out, we are desperately waiting for the movie to release. Through the trailer, it looks like Kiara and Aditya have moulded themselves perfectly into the characters of Indoo and Samar. We recently got a chance to speak with the director of the movie Abir Sengupta about the casting and preparation of the artists, read the scoop to know more.

Abir told us why he thought that Kiara would be perfect to play Indoo. The director said, “When I saw two of her films, Dhoni and Lust Stories, I felt her characters in both films were quite different. Kabir Singh didn’t get released by then. Later, I got to know that she was a South Bombay girl. She has played very interesting characters in Lust stories and Dhoni. She can mould herself into the characters which is great. Kiara becomes the character she plays. If you watch Kabir Singh, you will feel this is Preeti in real. When you watch Dhoni, you will feel she is Sakshi in real.”



Abir added, “She has the talent of blending into the characters and becoming them. Secondly, I felt her personality and physical appearance is very much aspirational and very much relatable. She is a very pretty girl who is like an aspirational figure for a lot of women. At the same, her body language, personality and face are so relatable. So is a complete package to me that I really needed for Indoo Ki Jawani.”

Speaking about the preparation of Kiara Advani and Aditya Seal, Abir said, “Aditya is someone with whom I want to keep working in every film. Kiara and Aditya’s preparation was very different. Kiara had to transform into a small-town girl who is very vulnerable. With Aditya, he had to transform into somebody who is very different. In real life, he is very fun-loving and ‘mastikhor.’ He had to completely transform into a very calm and composed man. I used to dread his phone calls during pre-production. His questions would never end. On set, he exactly knew what he has to do. He rarely did any second takes.”

When asked about one memory with Kiara that he would not forget, Abir replied, “I can never forget one incidence when I was about to say something to Kiara about a certain scene which was not mentioned in the script but I want her to do. While I was about to tell her, she told me the same thing. That’s when I realized she is Indoo, not Kiara.”

Indoo Ki Jawani is all set to release on 11th December 2020. We hope that the Kiara Advani and Aditya Seal starrer will break all the records. How excited are you for the film? Do let us know via comments and stay tuned to Koimoi for more updates.

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