Shah Rukh Khan is a superstar and in 2011 he left nobody any doubts about it
Shah Rukh Khan is a superstar and in 2011 he left nobody any doubts about it

Nothing that Shah Rukh Khan did during the last year was anything else than was expected of him. He is a superstar and he left nobody any doubts about it. He had two releases during 2011 and he worked hard on the films and their promotions to ensure that the early returns of both Ra.One and Don 2 were worthy of his star status. SRK delivered – in his usual style. Yet, though there was nothing lacking for SRK during 2011, it was a year that he would not be too keen to remember. According to many in the industry, there are distinct reasons for this. The first is that the quality of Ra.One and Don 2, for whatever reasons, was less than what Shah Rukh is used to delivering. The films he had made with Aditya and Yash Chopra, Karan Johar and Farah Khan were universal hits, always the biggest in the year, here and in the Overseas market; but more than even that, they were superlative films, in cinematic quality among the best, if not the best, of the year. But in 2011, despite both Ra.One and Don 2 being successful, they were simply not the best of the year – not in terms of cinema nor in measures of box-office, and that is not something SRK is used to.

Salman Stole A March On Shah Rukh Khan

The other big reason could also be that Salman Khan seemed to have stolen a march on him at the box-office. When this happened earlier, it never mattered much because SRK’s films were usually superior to the kind that Salman usually made with his family and friends. So, even if occasionally, Salman’s film grossed more than his, SRK was smug in the belief that he had made a better film. But this year, SRK’s films were no better than Salman’s, and yet, Bodyguard had ripped apart all box-office records – and SRK’s films hadn’t.

Shah Rukh Khan should revert to his Main Hoon Na formula of romance with comedy, action with emotions

SRK Can’t Surpass Aamir Khan On Script Front

SRK might introspect but he should realise that he can’t fight Aamir Khan on the story-screenplay front –the A Khan is supreme in that department – and he shouldn’t get entangled in films that are based on the kind of bravado that Salman is best at. He should revert to his Main Hoon Na formula of romance with comedy, action with emotions and infinite amounts of sacrifice alternated with herogiri. It’s not a difficult line to walk; SRK has done it well for almost two decades and he should do it again.

2012 is the year SRK will assert himself again. He has a film with Yash Chopra that will do just that.

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  1. SRK is ruling for last 20 years, Ek saal mein 2 blockbuster denne walla bandar kabhi tigar nahi ban sakta , woh Bodyguard tha hai aur rahe ga

  2. The problem with SRK is that he is a follower, not a leader, hence why SRK NEVER had a record-breaking grosser film, because he never had the ability to do so. DDLJ couldnt surpass HAHK, K3G couldn’t surpass Gadar, OSO couldn’t surpass Dhoom 2, and now Ra.One or Don 2 couldn’t surpass Ready. 2012 is completely Salman Khan year, and can be record-breaking for him, as he can be the first actor in history to have the biggest grosser and biggest hit of the year for three consective years.

  3. But Salman has equalled Big B’s record of giving Highest Grossing Films of a year 7 Times. MPK(1989),
    Saajan(1991),HAHK(1994),BiwiNo.1(1999),No Entry(2005),Dabaang(2010) & Bodyguard(2011). If u include KKHH(1998) the no. rises to 8. Salman is also giving Blockbusters for the last 22 years. U may not like it, but it is true. We have immense respect for SRK of what he has achieved, But U r telling Salman a bandar.May be SRK no. 1 for u but there r millions of fans, for them Salman is God.Give respect to get it in return and Salman has not create any harm to u, so why r u so angry man?Without Salman SRK is incomplete and Viceversa.They both r living legends of Bollywood. Both of them and Aamir rocks in their own way. We should salute them and love them.They r Kohinoors of Bollywood.

  4. don2 was better in content than bodyguard at least komal ji……..u knw tht……it was far technically advanced for singleness audience to understand it bt still it netted 110cr in india…

  5. don2 was better in content than bodyguard at least komal ji……..u knw tht……it was far technically advanced for singleplex audience to understand it bt still it netted 110cr in india… 0 0 Like / Dislike
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  6. @Rashid Ali

    ha Salman ne to kal hi bollywood join kiya hai…!

    Aur MPK,HAHK,HSSH,Partner etc to Tushar Kapur ki filme hai…!

  7. srk given most atbb compare to any other actor n expect ghajini n 3 iditios aamir khan never breaked records n srk never given flops like salman n u people compare srk wid frm dilip kumar n amithab to ranbir y ?

    • While Playing a major role in a film (not the cameos or small appearances) Salman gave 34 Hit Films with record number of 5 ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTERS and many BLOCKBUSTERS; and gave 27 Flop Films.

      And Shahrukh Khan hhile Playing a major role in a film (not the cameos or small appearances) gave 28 Hit Films with only 1 ATBB (DDLJ) and same number of 28 Flop Films; you can check the record and data at wikipedia or

      • salman khan has given 5 flops in single year….god tussi gr8 ho
        main aur mrs khanna
        veer no other superstar has given such flops in a single year.salman only saves heroin from villian in his films that is acting interms of salman ,aamir and shahrukh are much more sensible actors in the industry

        • God Tussi Great Ho, Heroes & Hello released in 2008.
          Main aur Mrs. Khanna in 2009 & Veer in 2010. Not in same year.Apart from this In Heroes,Hello & Main aur Mrs. Khanna he was in a cameo role my friend.

          • lolz….even though all of them were super flops……
            forget to remember yuvraaj was a flop
            srk and amir have never given such a box office duds in past 10 years……..

  8. koimoi team looks such a commercialentity…they just understnad the commerce of cinema but not the art part of it……even if don2 and ra1 got a few lesser bucks in domestic centres lonely coz of small centres still both were in their places better than a total crap like bodygaurd or ready….no matter movies like bol zindagi na milegi…delhi belly…don 2 crossed bodyguard but they were landmarks in their own rights in 2011….n abt srk being left behind…just 4 hits in 3 years of salman make him better commercial actor than srk…ha ha ha…
    again srk has given so many blockbusters that salman can nvr achieve themm..similarly salman has given so many flops…like between these 4 hits he has given 2 big duds like veer n london dremas…same wud ve been case with srk like his last dud were paheli n swades both good films artwise…this koimoi team wud have compared him with tushar and zayed…
    so wake up koi moi tem..get a reality check..i fu r writing about india’s biggest star…write with correct facts and attitude…
    just in ur next note…give the carrer graph of both actors….then u l know…include even aamir…compare three of them like that….at script level abhay deol is a better actor than aamir… acco to u he sud be the greatest actor at boxoffice…

    Srk has alwayz made trends…be it marketing or vfx…or advertising…everybody follows him….
    if you can counter any of my argument..u r welcome….

  9. Highly biased opinion about SRK.Aamir Khan movies has great stories.What about Fanaa and Ghajini.Worst movies in terms of quality.It is easy to do one movie in 2 years and talk of quality.SRK has delievered hattricks in 1993,1995 and 1997.He has given two super hits in 1992,2000,2003,2004,2006 and 2007.He delievered 3 blockbusters in a row with CDI,OSO and RNBDJ,all of them are of different generes.Let Aamir Khan gives 3 hits in a year and then we will see.Were Swades,Veer Zaara,Chak De India and MNIK had weak stories?Hats off to SRK for doing something different rather than copying south films

  10. salman is rocks and blood of bollywood anybody can’t surpass boxoffice record without salman in india indurstry so, who is SRK now we are camparing with King Salman who have more than 10 historical boxoffice callection movie but SRK’s fan think once again, SRK is an just jeliousman bcuz you can check any award fuction he always crying face and sad looks like …………. so, he can’t give entertaiment and happy with fans.

  11. y dont u say the fact that srk’s performance in don 2 is much more superior dan salman in body gaurd and ready. tollywod young hero ram did a better job in telugu ready. even mahesh babu did a better job dan salman in pokiri(wanted). even hrithik and ajay devagan are better actors dan salman and amir. almost after 20 yeard amir n salman still lack acting skills. amir developd a bit but salman is copying south stars. with 8 film fares for acting and more dis year srk stands ahead of sallu and amir in terms of acting abilities. as these ppl r actors acting abilities shud b compared nt box office results

  12. Between Partner and Wanted,lallu gave 10 disasters in a row.Between Saajan and HAHK,all the distributors of his movies came on road.Lallu biggest hit is HAHK which is remembered for Madhuri’s superlative performance.She won the best actress award and lallu was not even nominated.Don 2 worldwide collections are more than Dabangg and more than Bodyguard.All lallu fans can do is to abuse SRK in frustration.They were doing it for last 15 years and they will continue to do so.Come on lallu,don’t show muscles and act.

  13. I am pity on SRK how can he miss Shankar movie Robot, the movie make BO 475 CRORE the story ,screenplay and direction is awesome 1000 times better than Ra One the script writer for Robot is Sujatha Computer genius and best writer of India. SRK must choose like this people to break the records now he cannot act in romance movies he getting old and must be smart and skill choosing movies in different genre suit to is age and do comedy,action and thriller movies for this movies no age bar. I watch Robot Rajini sir movie in Singapore nobody believe the crowd and how many shows run for first 7days ,it was showed in 10 multiplexes and each have 6 to 10 theatres all the theatres run Robot Tamil 4 shows then I watch in Yishun 10 have 10 theatres and run 4shows in all theatres for one week and tickets are fully reserved. Please calculate the collection one multiplex screen 40 shows per day it is really unimaginable. Dear SRK really miss this movie.

  14. Koimoi is in severe depression after 61% of its readers voted for King Khan and 59% voted for Don 2.So they are spewing venom against an actor whom half the world knows.Come on,show some maturity.There is competition only between Shahrukh and Aamir.Please publish my message as I hold you in high esteem.

  15. There is no comparison between srk and salman.
    Srk had been versatile since last 5 years. You can see his movies like chak de india,swadesh,om shanti om,rab ne bana di jodi,mnik,,don 2.-all these films are of different genre.
    While salman’s movies like ready,dabangg,bodtguard,wanted-all of them are the same.
    In acting skills you can compare srk’s don 2 to salman’s bodyguard.
    There is a waste of time to compare between salman and srk
    srk was,is,will be superior to salman.

  16. ya komal that is corret news this year salman two flim good recover but srk also recover don2 ra one is good bussniess but as a actor srk is best actor salman also 20 ye

    deewana ddlj devdas kuch kuch kabhi kushi kal ho na oso main hoon na mohbataan rab na bna di veer zara no body bit srk he is legend just like abc can u saw bit abc why is old but he is a actor thanks next time dont see box office see movie and saw honest lee best actor nana abc parash rawal irfan naseer uddin shah ajay srk

    ar working but cnot compera srk as actor bazzigar daar

    • MPK,Saajan,sanam bewafa,baaghi,patthar ke phool,veergati,HAHK,jeet,judwa,Khamoshi,Pyaar kiya to darna kya,jab pyaar kisi se hota hai,Bandhan,biwi no.1,hum saath saath hai, hum dil de chuke sanam,hello brother,dulhan hum le jayenge, har dil jo pyaar karega,chori chori chupke chupke,tere naam,baghban,garv,mujhse shaadi karogi,phir milenge,maine pyar kyun kiya,lucky,no entry,partner,wanted,dabaang,ready,bodyguard list continues…………..I think i have forgot few more names

  17. ha guy srk is best actor he is a legend if u not acept pls go dus ka dum salman told ture lee u go you tube and watch that episode govinda dived dawan rethes and i give some infromation know young stars all like srk movies just like ddlj every young stars like srk movie no body saw i watching salman movie

  18. Guys Please check the detail collection of Don 2…. It has crossed the net collection of Bodygaurd…So Fans of SRK just chill…. This Year Belongs to SRK…. Simple Formula…. SRK = Ra one + Don 2 = 500 cr gross apprx
    Salman = Ready + Bodygaurd = 410 cr gross appx

    Also Check The Budget of the films guys
    Shahrukh Khan
    Ra One = 150cr
    Don 2 = 70 cr

    Salman Khan
    Ready = 40 cr
    Bodyguard = 60 cr

    SRK = 220 cr
    Sallu = 100 cr

    See the results
    Just Imagine if Ra one having budget of 60 crore and Don 2 of 40 crore.. and the amount they earned at box office… What would have been the status of the film…. If i am not wrong then its the biggest blockbuster of 2011…

  19. Mr. Koi moi ji… is very much evident that u r biased and have some proplem with SRK……Ready and Bodyguard were better films then …RA One…..and DON 2……Give me a break…..In fact i would say this was the best year for SRK…….He has given some thing different then he was regularly doing……A BAD MOVIE can never cross 100 crores…….stop saying this crap that RA One and DON 2 were. bad films……..go and take some rest……u realyy need that…….

  20. EVERY RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN OF THIS WORLD SHOULD READ MY EVERY LINK AND MY EVERY POST TO RESPECT THE CONTRIBUTIONS OF THESE TWO GREATS… HAHAHAHAHAHA… SALMAN & AAMIR… DISGRACE TO HINDUSTAN! ek jail mein chakki peees pees kar , daaru peekar. ladkiyon ko peetkar , murder karke apne aap ko being human bolta hai AUR doosra divorcee hai , drugs leta tha aur najaayaz bachhe paida karta phirta hai…hahaha..humaare desh ki shaan humaare bhagwaan hahahahaha.

    Aamir ghajini south-remake hahaha script sense………….
    Sallu bg , ready , wanted south-remake king……….hahahaha… hamaara des ki shaan.

  21. SRK is the only global superstar. World-famous. king khan. best. khaanon mein khaaaan. family man. richest superstar on earth. maximum fan-following worldwide. girls love him to death. best. best. best.

  22. Mr Nahata people like u r often used to say about the acting talent of Amir Khan, may be it right. But plse tell me some Amir flims which are in label of SRK’s dynamic talented Swadesh, Debdas, Chak de India, My name is Khan, Rab ne bana de Jodi(a simple common man), Darr, Don2. Sir i dont know how u give an actor a god of acting tag, but i am sure if u go and ask door to door u will find SRK in every peoples heart. I am sorry Sir to say that u have become biased towards Mr Amir and Mr Salman Khan for their box office success. U r a critic and u should compare on the basis of the content not on collection. Black was not a blockbuster like bodyguard, yet it is a class flim. In last 20 yrs SRK have been compared with different actors starting with legend Amitabh ji and is going on. We don’t care what r u saying. We know that SRK is an actor who can teach the god also the lesson of acting. Sorry Sir

  23. If anyone would like to see my links on Salman’s hit-and-run cases AND Aamir’s illegitimate child info , please see those links at my wall-page at my facebook page with the same name as here because it seems those links are not suited for posting here at koimoi as the mods keep on deleting them again and again .
    ALSO , everybody can GOOGLE these two facts about Salman and Aamir , you can easily get loads of links ….. everybody should stop comparing srk with any other actor because he is far ahead of anyone .


    SRK vs Sanjay Dutt 1992-93
    SRK vs Salman 1994-95
    SRK vs SRK 1996-97-98
    SRK vs Sunny 1999-2000
    SRK vs Hrithik 2000-03
    SRK vs Amitabh 2004-05
    SRK vs Akshay 2006-07
    SRK vs Aamir 2008-09
    SRK vs Salman 2010-11
    SRK vs …….. and so on …..

    Now , every other actor is compared to one constant LEGEND since 20 years right from his FIRST FILM Deewana.

    SRK was , is and will always remain THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD .

  25. SRK fans should not debate with these low-class sallu fans because sallu fans have full practice in abuses and dirty-talk and they will bring us to their cheap level and beat us .
    Nobody even knows sallu outside India and even in India , good and sensible people stay away from his tapori-chhaap movies .
    Most of aamir n sallu fans hate SRK since 20 years now and spread negativity about his films because they just can’t stand his success and are bad low-standard persons like sallu (criminal) and aamir (illegitimate child )
    But SRK fans are good people and know how to appreciate good people and good movies
    The whole world knows that SRK is the best , but since 2 years sallu fans shouting sallu has been the best actor since 30 years and so on ……hahaha ……and since same period aamir fans shouting aamir has been the best actor since 50 years and so on ……hahaha
    BUT the fact remains that SRK fans have had the luxury of calling SRK the best since his first movie cos everyone knows he is the best .
    It is a fact that sallu n aamir are bad humans …and a very well proved fact . sallu fans n aamir fans are same as their idols –shameless and cheap and some of them even criminals . They bash SRK without any reason …but they forget ….
    Only competition changes , but SRK remains the constant KING . Debate over .

  26. I don’t understand why people care so much about the box-office collections? Avatar made $2.7 billion but does that mean it’s better than movie’s like The Godfather, The Shawshank redemption, pulp fiction or one of James Cameron own pervious film’s Terminator 2? NO! let’s say bodyguard made more than Hum apke hain kaun and it obviously made more than Andaz apna apna so that makes bodyguard the better movie out of the three right? NO!! If you wana talk about a movie or compare a movie don’t talk about how much money they made because records are always going to be broken. Peace out

  27. common yaaar srk ka compare gaysalman khan ke saath kar ke srk ka kachra kar rahe ho…. salmna does not have talent phir bhi kismat se top acterss hai sirf south ki remake kar ke hijda salman khan srk no.1 actor

  28. oh…my god lots of fight going on for salman and sir……..jst answer 1 question???how many hits leave aside bb salman has given frm 2000-2010????yad karo..hmmm….maine pyar kyun kiya,tere naam were avg hits…wht happened vhn JANEMAN collided with DON???which movie was bigger hit????in Partner govinda f…d sallu…by d way it was a BB……any one remember abt main aur mrs khanna
    veer,god tussi gr8 ho,yuvraj,london dreams????srk’s dream project his worst film they say ra.1 is still a hit…..sallu dream project veer…..????haaaaa flop……….wanted was only a hit…..i became a sallu fan aftr wanted he was awesome….thn came bb in dabang,body guard,ready………sorry i can count how many superhits and bb srk has given in 10yrs except swadesh and paheli being avg grossers all r super hits or bb………i m nt against hw can u compare sallu and srk????sallu is like shewag bt srk is sachin…….shewag highest score 219,sachin’s 200 shewag has 300 in test sachin’s highest score is 248… now y say sachin is still better than shewag?????because sachin has delivered for 20yrs like srk and sallu like shewag hit hua to thik varna flop..its all logic…….prove me wrong sallu fans……….

  29. HAI AMLAN AND ROHIT what you really knows about bolly world if you eat meals thousand year without any also you cant bcome like srk i did not mean srk is the best salman khan also is great. but for your kind information SRK is the KING OF BOLLYWOOD since many years and thats proof enough for you all that he is the real king of bollywoods.and you will be see in 2012 also inshall he will be rock you all watch ok.and amlan mukharjee what you know about srk ,and what you said srk coopied you stupid is the srk director in raone or don2 he is the actor only ok.and mission impossible iron man these movies all i watch i did not see any scenes that srk copy.did you director in iron man mission impossible than how can u know srk copy that movie.its dosent matter what are u talking about srk coz all the world knows that no one can bcome like SRK.rohit and alamin you both are stupid shame one u.


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