Come 2012 and Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan’s fans will fight it out at the ticket windows once again. While Salman has Ek Tha Tiger opposite Katrina Kaif during Eid and Dabangg 2 for Christmas, Shah Rukh Khan has a Yash Raj film slated for Diwali. Editor Komal Nahta tells you more.

Salman Khan Vs Shah Rukh Khan In 2012

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  1. They both are great.. I’m a fan of both of them… Dont know why this fuss to choose one.. They both entertain in a big way…

  2. Salman to Sharukh: Hey BakRa.One, come and suck my feet then only I will forgive u, otherwise u forget.. i’ll kick your ass everytime..!!

    Shahrukh replies: Salman Sir, you are Tiger, u are Sher Khan… i will definitely lick your feet and please don’t call me Bakra (One), call me DOG’ because I made the films named DOG (in 2006) and DOG2 (in 2011).

    Salman to Shahrukh: OK then you are a certified DOG, now go an suck the feet of the person (Aamir Khan) who gave u the DOG certificate and then come to lick my feet always and for ever.

    • LoL.. in the film DOG2 when Kunal Kapoor calls him ‘Sir’, Shahrukh gets mad and tells Kunal: “Sir? ‘Sir’ Bahot sharif saa lagta hai, call me DOG”

    • Hey u Madrasi.. go and watch your superstar Rajnikanth’s films… why u came here to disturb us?? We are happy with our Bollywood Superstars.. we never go and comment on ur stars, then what are u doing here?? Salman or Shahrukh both are our National Superstars… not regional OK? Just because we SRK and Salman fans fight.. don’t think that we really hate any one.. its just a competetion otherwise we are proud of our Bollywood and we too proud of our Superstars Salman, Shahrukh, Aamir and all. Now leave us alone.

      • great man . Lots of love. Salute to u. U told the appropriate. Yeah, we r proud of our Superstars. We all know the 3 khans & others r like Kohinoors. We only fight because without this there is no fun of watching movies. Great

    • u hate somebody thats understood….but u should learn some language and ethical behaviour…hatred should not be abusive….by using such remarks u are not only demeaning urself, ur star whom u plus fans all over the globe of all the above actors. only dump people would love ur gesture….ABOSUTELY RUBBISH LANUAGE AND EVEN MODERATOR IS ALLOWING SUCH TALKS ITS BAD FOR UR SITE

    • Shivam rangarajan i never see the boy or girl stupid girl like you.what you think if salman khan see your comments do you think he will meet you or he will give you a money for this comment.he also will split on you and will be punch you.and our sharukh khan or salman khan all are brothers.but now they are fight and thats bcoz of all are going miss will be see they will come back again very soon,and then you will feel you go and and suck your feet and all part of ur body then our king khans will forgive you.

  3. EK THA TIGER: huge FLOP. its original & not a telugu, tamil, mallu remake. Sallu will struggle just like VEER.

    Dabanng-2: even bigger FLOP. Original director Anurag Kashyup who wrote screenplay & directed Dabanng walked out. ARBAAZ KHAN as director. hahahaha. what a joke. The guy is a waste of life. should commit suicide. He is one of the least talented celebrities in India. He is really gonna make fool of chulbul panday & Salman.

    2012: 2 guaranteed FLOPS of Salman Khan. Salman will return back to his pre-2008 FLOP Era after 2 years of supersuccess.

    • Box office of Ek tha tiger & Dabangg 2 will creat history Mr. Khan,,, come n chk eid 2012,,,, mark my word ek tha tiger will become instant blockbuster

  4. only thing sharukh has to do to become a good hearted person like salman and attract more fans is jst run over some poor people sleeping on streets, kill some endangered species,abuse and beat his wife like salman did to ash and he will also be a one of the best hearted person in the industry. sorry i forgot also shahrukh has to stop paying tax and cover up by wearing being human t shirt.

    its awesome the most criminal sort of person in the industry is the best hearted person. salman is not a superstar he is god’s own mistake.

  5. friends , its nt lyk ny rat race between Salman & Shahrukh. Both are & will be the legends so no need to quarrel or debate on dat.

    • Please go n check & see the box office collection of Don2 & RA one…. Salman’s Bodyguard & Ready are way ahead of them. Bollywoood ki shaan Dabaang Mr. Salman Khan

  6. raaj martin jitni SRK ne ATBB di hain utni tumahara salman to sapno main bi nahin soch saktha. sayed you have some pain in your asss. do one think go and put some pentrol in your asss ok.
    Sharukh is a King jo pichle 10 salo se bollywood per raaj kar raha hain. ja pahle sale salman ko acting sika jo sirf tamil ki remeak bana kar logo ko pagal bana raha hain.

  7. salman daru pike gadi chala ke accedent karata hai jungle me jake deer ko marta hai jail jata hai
    ise tum best bolte ho
    srk rocks all time srk far better then salman

  8. salman is the best. agar salman 1 tamil film ka remake banata hai to srk 6 tamil filmoka remake 1 film meh banata hai sala HHHHHHHHH….
    without yash raj srk nothing.. aur oska saboot RA ONE jo sab se bara flop movie hai in 2011

  9. Mark my word there will be no star anywhere close to great “Salman Khan” in near future. He will be way ahead in terms of stardom as compare to his contemporaries. This is the future predicted by several astrologers there will be only one star as emperor Mr. SALMAN KHAN

  10. Mark my word there will be no star anywhere close to great “Salman Khan” in near future. He will be way ahead in terms of stardom as compare to his contemporaries. This is the future predicted by several astrologers there will be only one star as emperor Mr. SALMAN KHAN

  11. I agreee with India…. if u go thorugh many articals on bollywood actors prediction, this is been told that Salman will rule t industry, every movie of his will create benchmark for others.. good going Salman :-)

  12. Mr. Komal Nahata there stop being manulplative towards SRK…. U r site is deleting all the comments which specifically supports Salman KHAN

  13. Hello there,

    I am member of being human foundation, this issue has been escalated & registered in Being Human. Now you & your site has to face the consequence.

  14. yar sallu ny 2 hit movie kya kar li log tu pagal ho gya ,.
    Un ko yeh nhi pta 10 saal se king khan hit par hit movie de raha ha …
    Badshah badshah hi hota ha janab

  15. india wala kuch tu mind use karo 2,3 movie agr hit ho gai wo bhi iss liye ka eid d ay par relase hoi thi ,.
    Warna ap ko tu pata ha 10saal se bollywood ka aik hi badshah tha aur raha ga ..
    India ko romance karna tu king khan ny hi shekya ….
    Yaad ha kuch ,

    • Janaab, Salman has been ruling the industry since 1988…. he is the ultimate king of action, romance & comedy. Hamareee indian ke shaan, massess kee jaan… SALMAAN

  16. title king khan has already been given, it can NEVER be taken from SRK. This is what sallu fans need to come to terms with. 2 hit films dont make you king, 20 YEARS of ruling makes you a KING

  17. There should not be any competition between SRK and SK. Srk is allrounder. Without having no background of bollywood and also without having so called star look, he has been so succesful over the years! It’s not matter of joke!! He is also a very good family man. He is out of many controversies of filmworld. He is a good parent. He is also richest bollywood actor. He is the rollmodel for any young to follow for struggling in life. SK is also a great star. But his life is so dull. He was so busy with his playboy life that he failed to set even a marital life. He may have many ATBB, but still he is far to become a roll model.

    • Sir, Over the period of time SRK has become very self centered, manipulative, cheater & insane. On the other hand Salman have been showing very good side of his by setting up his own charitable trust, helping people in need, initiating blood donation drive. He is trend setter for bodybuilding in India… its because of him there was craze in people for gym & fitness center. Salman has heart of gold who has given chance to number of talents in the industry. Whom did SRK helped? What kind charity work SRK does? SRK gives wrong impression by smoking on screen?At this point SRK is not even worth of doing romantic films where he is good at.

  18. I Just Want 2 Say Sumthng 2 Both The STAR FAN CLUBS,,, Dat Plz… Dont Fight,,,, Both The Stars Are Bringing Huge Money 2 The Industry By Entertaining Us,,, So BOLLYWOOD Industry is Growing,,, Encourage Them… Rather Than Fighting With Each Other By Pointing Out Their Flaws

  19. koun se bhi film me us kalakar ki jo acting hoti hai usi se uski mahaanta dikhti hai..
    isliye acting ka BETAAAJ BADSHAH sirf ek hi naam hai..
    god of the & only,

  20. Hey Guys Iam Neither A SRK Fan Nor SALMAN’S,,, But I Just Want 2 Say Sumthng Without Hurting Either Of The FAN CLUB’S…First Talking Of ACTING Skills SRK is Miles Miles Ahead From All His Contemporaries,,, Even AAMIR (Who Has Done Sum Outstanding Movies in His Carrier), So, Here SRK Wins in A BIG WAY Over SALMAN,,, Who Has Lot 2 Learn,,, Coming 2 AWARDS, Here SRK Cant Be Even Compared 2 SALMAN Who Has Not Even Won a Single BEST ACTOR AWARD in His LIFE, Whereas SRK is At Par With The BAAP of All ACTORS “DILIP KUMAR” Both Winning 8 Awards, Hopefully SRK Will Even Break Dat By Winning For DON2,,,, Many Says SRK Buys AWARD,,, But I Think Dats Rubbish… If Dats The Case Why Cant SALMAN Buy AWARDS,,, Now Looking Towards Their Personal Life Which I Should Not Comment, Since I Dont Know Dem But What I Have Seen,,,, I Can Say That As a Person I Find SALMAN a Very KIND HEARTED Person,, But He is Also Very Unpredictable And Volatile Human Being,, When Compared Him 2 SRK,, He is Far More Respected, Educated, Intelligent, And A Matured Man…. His Marriage 2 Gauri And Staying Affairless in A GLAM Industry Speaks Volume,,,, Now Coming 2 The BOX OFFICE Department,, It is Here Where SALMAN Inches a Little Bit Ahead Of SRK Atleast in The Past 1 & 1/2 Yrs,,, And Dat To In DOMESTIC Market,,, But Talking About Bigger Perspective, i.e. BOX OFFICE Standings of Both The STARS in The Past 20Yrs SRK is Again Way Way Ahead Of SALMAN,,, And Lastly Talking Of POPULARITY And INTERNATIONAL Fame And OVERSEAS BOX OFFICE STANDINGS,,, SALMAN is Very Popular Only Among The MASS Audience of INDIA Whereas SRK is One Of The BIGGEST Actor Of INDIA And The Most POPULAR BOLLYWOOD Actor Ever Of All Times in OVERSEAS,, And Also His Standings In OVERSEAS MARKET is OUT OF WORDS,,, Even His AVERAGE Doing Movies in INDIA Are BLOCKBUSTERS There,,,,,,,,,,,,,, So,, Looking At All The Facts I Can Say SRK is Still AHEAD OF SALMAN,,,, But SALMAN Can Win Only If He Does Good Movies… With Gud Scripts,,, Accompanied By His Gud Acting

  21. why are u comparing both khans both have films of different themes both of them rock and both of them are real stars and studs of bollywood shahrukh and sallu both rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Sala tum logo ko salman ki success se kitne problem hai yar, koi kuch bolta bhi nahi aur tum srk ka past batane lag jate ho. Kyu uska present se tum kitne unsecure ho tum ke past yaad karte ho, etna mat jalo yar . Don’t know y tum ko itne prob hai.

  23. dilwale dulhaniya le jaenge 17 sal se lagatar chal raha hai fir bhi tum sab gadho ko samajh nahi a raha hai bollywood ka king srk hai fone karna samjha dunga 7676356960

  24. Both r great… it’s according to our thought we compare in btwn these two superstars. bt if i hv to say then “SRK is the best of the best”

  25. Both r great superstar…it’s according to our thought that we compare in btwn these two. bt if i hv to say then “SRK is the best of the best”

  26. Who is the best you decide?

    Seniority: Salman khan since 1988, SRK since 1992..Salman Khan is much senior than Shahrukh
    Biggest Hit: Hum Apke hain Kaun -Salman Khan (Box office adjusted inflation: 370 Cr.) DDLJ – SRK (Box Office adjusted inflation: 261 Cr.)
    Number of Hits: Salman Khan: 38 Hits. Shahrukh: 27 hits
    Total carrier Box office revenue: Salman: 2800 Cr. SRK: 1650 Cr.
    Awards: Salman- People just go to watch Salman on screen & he Say’s people’s love is his award. SRK- Most of the awards were manipulated & bought by SRK by paying huge amounts to organizers, as there were other deserving actors who should have won the wards on that respective years. (main reason of Amir Khan not attending awards is SRK as because of SRK’s manipulation he didn’t get the award in 1996, were Amir Khan was more deserving)
    Charity: Salman : Does help people & countless charity SRK: Nill, Selfish
    Winner: Salman Khan

  27. I am from Small town in India UP, If you really need to check the popularity of the two stars come & visit ruler areas of India. I have experienced never before phenomenon when Bodyguard got released here, i think there were more than 4 to 5 thousand people surrounding the theater for the tickets. Then people were going crazy during Salman Khan’s entry in the film, people were dancing on every song of the movie. Irrespective of the movie’s content people were enjoying the movie like anything. It was really hell of great experience. However I didn’t see the same sprit when Ra one & Don 2 released here. Though there were people who came for the movie, but the atmosphere was not same as Salman Khan movie. I think u need to accept that Salman Khan has immense popularity & fans in ruler India whose votes & feelings may not be getting captured or accessible always as compare to urban audience. If India is concerned Salman has edge over SRK

  28. Truck driver, rikshaw wala, anpad, gawar, dehati (jinka intelligence below avg hota h) ka hero h lallu khan only single screen pe kamata h, multiplex me koi mutne b nhi jata lallu k mu me.. Acting to esa lagta h kutta and robot ka paidaish.. Iska romance dikhta h prem jese role me mu v khulta nhi thik se.. Acting sikhna chaiye lallu ko..
    Dnt ever cmpre lallu to srk.. Srk is a versatile actor as well as king of bolly rulling from debut..

  29. Starstruck audience…
    Please grow up… Be a fan of content … M not of srk or sallu
    But see both hav them has given us lots of happy moments … Instead of cursing them…try to love both of them

  30. Salman Khan movie does really well on both multiplexes as well as single screens. As box office collection of his recent hit movies are massive & record breaking (close to 150 cr in India only) hence without multiplexes its impossible to reach these huge figures.

  31. Forget about the Khan war, I am really excited to see such great & big movies are lined up for release in 2012 starting with Agneepath, then Amir Khan’s Talash in June, Rawdy Rathore in June, Ek tha tiger during Eid, Yash Chopra’s SRK starer untitled during Diwali & X-mass relase Dabangg 2. waoooow such a great entertainment. I am sure these movies are going create many more great records on box office,,,,,totally excited :-)

  32. SRK overacting karta hain (Bakri)…… he not goood person,,, hamesh Karan johar ke saath rehtaa hain……..Salman Khan is natural he acts naturally……..SALMAAAAN KHAN RULES THE UNIVERSE

  33. salman is giving superhit movies but not doing any sensible movies, he is making money by doing remake only.and doing non sence comedy movies. Aamir is doing well. Aamir did only one remake. Hum dil de chuke sanam is salman’s last best movie. IT is insult of salman’s if u say bodygard is salman’s best movie because he made huge money 150 cr. bodygard is the cheap remake. it is looked like the director make it in one month. just finised the movie to release in ID.

  34. Do you think Ra One, Don 2, Don1, Billu Barbar, Dulha Mil Gaya, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Om Shanti Om films like these are sensible movies????? Grow up guys you need reality check. You people are jealous as how now Salman Khan over powered SRK in terms of Stardom. These actors are in commercial cinema business & not in art films. Salman Khan movies does well because it gives pure entertainment to the people, audiences are not critics to see the cinematic genius in the movie, irrespective of any ratings from critics they go for the movie for the star who will give paisa wasool entertainment & they doesn’t care whether the movie is remake of tamil or telgu film. And remember one thing this is coming from very confidential sources “this is just SALMAN’s best is yet to come wait & watch, You will eat you words in future”

  35. Amchaaa Mumbai Chaaa Rajaa, mastaa Superhit Khan, amchaa ladkaar superstar, common mansaalaa samjnaaraa, changlaa human being “Salman Khan”


  37. SRK and SALMAN KHAN both are the great heroes.and now you all stop this stupid comments and wish them best of luck and pray for them for long life.
    bcoz they all are best and human beings.if they look our comments or status like this they will hurt.its really to see the comments like this.plz stop i request to you all of my friends.

  38. Shahrukh hi hamesha se best hai or rahega Aamir or Salman dono milkar bhi Shahrukh Se compair nahi ho sakte. Even dono ke awards mila diye jaye to Shahrukh ke awards ke half bhi nahi honge.

  39. shah rukh khan …srk.. King of bollywood.. No one can beat him… Without godfather ye bollywood ka king bna hai. Nd salman jiske parents bollywood se relatd hai … Remake movie bnakr hit ho rha hai… Acting bhi nakl krke krta hai… road p logo pr apni car chdana . animals ka shikar krna yhi aata hai ise or kh rhe ho ki salman is best.. Kaise kh skte ho tum sb esa. shah rukh … Kingkhan best hai or hmesha rhega.

  40. salman khan best koi un sa nai ho sakta agar 7 dafa ko b chor kar 10 dafa b peda ho gaya to un sa koi nai baki sub bakwas hai srk se le k ranbir kapoor tk i hate srk and ilove salman khan the king of bolywood love so so much duniya main koi larki esi hai hi nai jo ap k qabil ho love u sallu bhai am big fan of u mj se bara fan ap ka koi nai hai am from sialkot ek tha tiger ne dhoom macha deni hai oooooooo bohat maza ana hai am w8 for 15 august best of luck

  41. Agar SALMAN KHAN OR SHARUKH KHAN Kara Arjun Returns Banate ho to wo bollywood ki sabse pehli film hogi jo highest bussiness karegi

  42. Thanks for another excellent post. The place else may anybody get that kind of information in such a perfect manner of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I am at the look for such info.

  43. I fan shahrukh khan.He is a best acter. salman is bowring acter .real king khan is shahrukh kha


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