Hrithik Roshan's favourite cheat meal is 'samosa'
Hrithik Roshan’s favourite cheat meal is ‘samosa'(Photo Credit –Facebook)

Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan has opened up about the importance of family, his favourite cheat meal and about the activity he enjoys indulging in during his free time.

Talking about the importance of family in the actor’s life, he said live on Roposo’s show ‘Red Carpet Premiere’: “Family is life. It is what makes me – ME. Family are the people I enjoy my life with and to enjoy that life I go to work.”

“I go to work, build things there and bring it back to my world so that I can enjoy it with my people. Family is the most important for me.”

Hrithik Roshan further emphasized on his philosophy of maintaining a work-life balance and having a strong mindset of not mixing family and work.

Pointing out that ‘Vikram Vedha’ marks Hrithik’s 25th film as an actor, he was asked about his most favourite on screen character.

Hrithik said: “Very very difficult question. If I had to say which is the character that I had the most fun doing, that would be a tough choice between Kabir (War 2019) and Vedha (Vikram Vedha 2022). They both were equally stimulating.”

Speaking about the activity he enjoys indulging in during his free time, Hrithik said: “I like to read in my free time. I love finding a place where I can just sit and read. When I read it means that I am stress free, I can’t read if I’m in character for my films or attending to work commitments. I can only read when my mind is absolutely free. It’s an activity that I cherish.”

Hrithik who is known to be a disciplined fitness enthusiast, spoke about his favourite food & go-to cheat meal.

“It has got to be samosa, and specifically the ones that you get in theatres. It’s amazing how many I can eat at one time,” said the actor.

The actor was seen at his candid best when he sang one of his favourite songs – ‘Gore gore banke chhore’ originally sung by Amirbai Karnataki & Lata Mangeshkar from the 1950 film ‘Samadhi’.

Signing off, Hrithik Roshan shared: “My next film is Fighter. It is starting in November and is directed by Siddharth Anand. Currently I’m prepping for the film and I’m confused & uncertain what can I do with my character. The search is on.”

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