Richa Chadha's Opinion On Heeramandi Co-Actor Sharmin Segal's Trolling, "It's Audience Prerogative...I Have Better Things To Do With My Life!"
Richa Chadha Breaks Her Silence On Heeramandi & Sharmin Segal’s Trolling(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Ever since Heeramandi was released, Sharmin Segal has been under constant attack by trolls and digs. People have been hitting her with nepotistic comments and memes for her blank expressions. Now Richa Chadha has finally dropped her opinion, and instead of defending Sharmin, she might have offered a very important life lesson.

Richa, who is known to voice her strong head opinions whether one likes it or not, had a very balanced approach to the ongoing criticism, and she tried presenting both sides of the coin.

Richa Chadha has played Lajjo in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi, which is streaming on Netflix. Meanwhile, Sharmin Segal had a full-fledged role in the web series, where she played Alamzeb, a girl born and brought up in a Kotha but who does not aim to be a Tawaif.

Talking to News 18, the actress said, “I think, truthfully, it is the audience’s right. It’s the audience’s prerogative that you like the show, you dislike the show. You like a performance, you dislike a performance. But what happens today, I think, in the era of social media, when people start trolling, making memes, doing all that, that’s a bit hurtful, I think, for anyone. It’s just a show. And it’s just one performance in one show. If you don’t like it, why are you obsessing over it…”

The actress even commented on how we should be empathetic as a society because what happens with one person one day might happen to you as well. The actress re-iterated that she believes social media trolling is something too low and we can do better as a society. She even accepted that even she has been subjected to such trolling in her career.

Richa concluded how we should be focussing on better things in life rather than the characters of a show and said, “We had a sandstorm here in Mumbai two days ago that killed 14 people because of the illegal size of a hoarding. I’d rather focus on issues like that and why those people get away with literal murder than focus on the performance of a colleague who some people didn’t like. I have better things to do with my life than that.”

Heeramandi is a web series based on tawaifs belonging to a mohalla in Lahore. The show is streaming on Netflix.

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