Hansal Mehta Gives It Back To A Troll Who Bought Him Fake Ticket To Karachi
Hansal Meha Urges UAE Police To A Troll Who Incited Hate & Issued Threats Against Muslim(Pic Credit: IMDb, Twitter/Hansal Mehta)

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta is well known for being outspoken nature. He is quite active on Twitter as well. The filmmaker on Sunday found himself being trolled for a comment he made on the Covid-19 situation in India when he asked how the situation in Pakistan was.


Mehta on Twitter wrote, “Just wondering. Is it as bad in Pakistan as it is in India currently? The COVID situation I mean.” But seemingly disgruntled user didn’t take the tweet in the right spirit and began trolling the filmmaker. The user replied, “I am willing to pay for a first-class one-way ticket is you’re moving there permanently.” However, the conversation didn’t end there.

(Pic Credit: Twitter/Hansal Mehta)
(Pic Credit: Twitter/Hansal Mehta)


Hansal Mehta replied to the troll, “Please send the ticket NOW. Or should I DM my bank details?” The user also replied, “Please do, but if you come back you will have to pay me 10 times the ticket amount.” To which the filmmaker responded, “Send the money first. Don’t put conditions.” The user then shared the ticket with Hansal and wrote, “Condition was already laid out in the first tweet also I’m not joking.”

After the user shared the ticket, he said that the filmmaker blocked him but Hansal Mehta later asked him to share a valid proof of payment. And when the filmmaker did not receive a response, he went on to cross-check the ticket and found out that it was a fake reservation.

In another tweet, Hansal Mehta urged the Sharjah and Dubai Police to take against the troll who he claims to be living in Sharjah. He wrote, “Dear Sharjah Police and Dubai Police. I am reporting this person with a handle whose name is allegedly Dev Mehta. He has issued a fake Emirates ticket, is inciting hate and issuing threats against Muslims. He claims to be based in Sharjah. Please investigate.”

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