Gulshan Devaiah & Sagarika Ghatge's Film Footfairy Is About A Killer's Foot Fetish
Gulshan Devaiah & Sagarika Ghatge’s Film Footfairy Is About A Killer’s Foot Fetish (Photo Credit: Instagram/Gulshan Devaiah)

Gulshan Devaiah and Sagarika Ghatge star in the upcoming mystery drama Footfairy, and the trailer of the film promises murder, brutal thrills and psychotic obsession.


“The narrative takes the viewer on a journey to experience how an obsession can make one cross the line, just to get a sense of satisfaction. The movie’s take of psychotic obsession leading to crime is exciting,” Gulshan said.


Added Sagarika Ghatge: “When unpredictable events come to the fore, the cat-and-mouse chase reaches a new level, and that is the most interesting part of our movie. It explores the deep dark side of an obsession, the way it plays with one’s mind and makes one do things that are unimaginable.”

Directed by the Kanishk Varma the film revolves around Vivaan Deshmukh, a CBI officer and his lady love, Devika. Vivaan sets out in pursuit of a serial killer who strikes and kills women driven by an absurd obsession for feet.

The &pictures original film is all set to hit television screens on October 24.

Meanwhile, Gulshan Devaiah says the problem with accepting depression as a disease is that a lot of people consider it to be a state of mind.

“There is a problem with accepting depression as a disease because most people think depression is a state of mind, or it is an emotion. Like, if I proposed to a girl and she turned me down and I say ‘I am depressed’, and (treat) depression as a state of mind,” Gulshan told IANS.

“Depression is used as an expression to express something. But when you are diagnosed with depression, by a mental health practitioner or by a certified doctor, then that is an illness. It needs to be treated like any other illness like cancer or tuberculosis,” he added.

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